Bruce, Philip and Tammy
short FuShan river crawl
April 21, 2002 morning



FuShan suspension bridge

view South

sign to church

road and trail into HaPen

dogs swimming

The low road from WuLai to the Fushan turn-off is closed as the narrow gauge railway is being repaired. We park past the bridge below FuShan. On the path towards HaPen we meet a young aborigine couple collecting bamboo shoots. They have thrown the shoots down onto the trail into piles to collect. In the morning we hear gunshots from hunters in the distance. There are numerous serious landslides across the trail from typhoon Nari last year. We drop off the trail down to the river at the bend with the bench. The earth is dry. The topology of the river - large rocks and pools have changed since after typhoon Nari last year, and the water level is a little lower than usual. We soon have to go in the water to make progress downstream. We stop to repack the dry bag and change shoes. The water is cool but comfortable as the sun rises for the morning of a clear hot day. We make a long swim down to Cordisco beach where we meet a lone fisherman and take a break to play frisbee. Our next leg takes us to the confluence from the YaKongXi tributary. The canyon is narrow on this stretch and offers several jumping opportunities. We take another break and decide to discover a return path via the Baling trail instead of going straight down river back to our car. A hundred meters upstream from the intersection we discover a cable car across the river and cross in the water. We work our way up the opposite bank to the abandoned narrow gauge railroad path and then up again to the BaLing trail. A five minute walk gets us to the FuShan suspension bridge. We walk back through FuShan. At the bridge we watch kayakers practicing in the river and a pack of golden retrievers swimming in the water.

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FuShan village
Drainage from the Hapen area from the East into FuShan
YaKongXi (stream)
Stream flowing from the South along the BaLing trail into FuShan
Stream flowing from the West into FuShan
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