May 2003
May 001
married ten years 5/2
May 055
rooftop chives
May 056

SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) hits Taiwan

May 628
disinfecting soldiers 5/17
May 639
mask opportunists 5/19
May 744

May 22 bike ride over Lions Head

May 640 May 641 May 642 May 643

New signs at the turn off from PingGuang Rd 平廣路 up to ShiTouShan 獅頭山 5:45 AM

From from SiQianShui 四嵌水 to LouFeng Mtn 落鳳山 to XiaoYi 孝義
Dan, Jeff, Philip and Tammy - on May 25

May 652
5:25 start near 四嵌水
May 660
LouFeng Mtn 9:50
May 661
May 662
or 呂奔山
May 663
Arisaema formosana
May 667
Asplenium nidus

Planning to hike from the southwest corner of the FeiTsui Reservoir 翡翠水庫 to JiuQiongKeng 九芎坑 south of PingLin 坪林, we started out near the head of the DaTong 大通 trail at SiQianShui 四嵌水 at 5:30 AM. We climbed steadily up to the ridge in overcast weather through wet underbrush. We reached LouFeng peak 落鳳山 at 9:30 where it was rainy, cool and windy. Signs read 120 minutes to TongHouLun 桶後崙 and 200 minutes to JinZhiLun 金紙崙 further along the ridge which would put us another 3 and 1/2 half hours walk to JiuQiongKeng 九芎坑 near PingLin 坪林. Fortunately we had noticed a freshly marked trail 15 minutes back along the ridge, advertising exit to TongHou Forest Road 桶後林道 and TaiPower's AiYu Dam in Xiaoyi 孝義台電阿玉霸 in 120 minutes. This steep and slippery trail took us down through uncultivated forest in intermittent rain but less wind. As on the ridge, all hiking club flags over a month old have been torn down and thrown into piles. The trail takes us out to the XiaoYi Dam at about 13:30. We walk up trough the village of XiaoYi 孝義 to the TongHou 桶後 road where we are quickly picked up by a jeep enthusiast who drives us all the way back to Dan's truck. We are home by 15:30

May 676
plant liberation 5/31
May 678
loquat 枇杷樹
May 682
date palm 棗椰子
May 0620
White-spotted Longhorned Beetle
Anoplophora malasiaca
May 0690
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