Aborigines travel to Florida
October 13-18, 2004

Pre-departure, August Pre-departure
False Start - Taipei False Start - Taipei
September 2
Detroit, Orlando Detroit, Orlando
October 13
Disney World Disney World
October 14
Orlando City Hall Orlando City Hall
October 15
Dinner Dinner
October 15
Indigenous Heritage Festival Indigenous Heritage Festival
October 16
Dragonboat Races Dragonboat Races
October 17
Miami Beach Breakfast
Miami Beach
Lunch with TECO
October 18
 Seminoles Seminoles
October 18
Dragonboat Races Everglades
UCAF Performance
October 18

A delegation representing ten of Taiwan's indigenous peoples, travels to Florida for one week to attend the 2004 Indigenous Heritage Festival in Orlando and the Dragon Boat event in Miami. On the way to Miami we visit the Seminole tribe of Florida.