Bike ride above Zhitan 直潭, April 30

May DSCN3092
Dan coming up to the meeting point
May DSCN3093
Dan horizontal
May DSCN3095
Tammy resting
May DSCN3096
May DSCN3098
Tammy and Dan
May DSCN3099
May DSCN3100
Tong tree 桐花 in bloom
May DSCN3101
Tong 桐花 litter
May DSCN3110
view of block of houses we live in
May DSCN3112

The Tong tree 桐花 flowers from mid-April through mid-May in northwest Taiwan, usually right after the acacias finish their yellow flowering. About 90% of Taiwan's Tung trees are "wood oil trees" (木油樹) (Aleurites Montana (Lour.) Wils.), also called "thousand-year-old Tung" (千年桐), introduced from southern China circa 1915. New Garden City celebrates a Tung Blossom and Firefly Festival every Spring. Tung became an economic crop when Japan occupied Taiwan. Its seed oil was used for waterproof coating and its timber for matches, toothpicks and clogs.

Wenzhou St 溫州街

May DSCN3122
(sacred garlic) pear 加羅林魚木 Crateva religiosa Forst. f
May DSCN3123
attached press
May DSCN3124
May DSCN3125
Sandwiches at Norwegian Wood
May 7-5-031
at German Culture Center event
May DSCN3130
Flowering chives in home garden
May DSCN3131
dog kiss

Pristine, May 14 - Philip's birthday

May DSCN3134
Delphine and Tammy
May DSCN3135
May DSCN3140
Philip's birthday
May DSCN3141
May DSCN3142
May DSCN3147
May DSCN3149
May DSCN3154
May DSCN3155
Stan and David
May DSCN3161
May DSCN3164


May DSCN3175
3rd F balcony
May DSCN3178
May DSCN3186
May DSCN3187
May DSCN3192
May DSCN3194
May DSCN3197
May DSCN3198
May DSCN3200
Zhitan water plant and Xindian river from NGC
May DSCN3202
May DSCN3205
May DSCN3210
May DSCN3223
May DSCN3226
May DSCN3233
May DSCN3237
May DSCN3250
May DSCN3255
May DSCN3257
May DSCN3258
May DSCN3260
May DSCN3261
May DSCN3280
Pristine elevator
May DSCN3282-84
north view from office roof
May DSCN3288
May DSCN3290
May DSCN3293
May DSCN3302
dogs in the machine
Keywords: bike, dog, insect, tree
People: Dan, David, Imacat, Jacques-Yves, Mindy, Philip, Stan, Tammy, Violet
Locations: Garden City Garden, 新城花園, New Garden City, 花園新城, Pristine, 精粹
Dates: 2004:04:30 - 2004:06:19