January 11054
Viva Pasta, 1/4
January 11058
Pristine Office bldg. (second)
full size image 11065
Small Dragonroot
Arisaema ringens
January 11066
Berkmans, Whitefords and O'Briens
January 11067 January 11068 January 11073
bridge foot
January 11074
upstream 加九寮溪 towards 有木
January 11075
Jiajiuliao stream meets Nanshi river
January 11077
full size image 11078
Jimson Weed, Datura suaveolens, thorn apple, angel's trumpet
full size image 11079
曼陀羅, 喇叭花, 南洋金花, 山茄子, 鳳茄花, 風茄花
Walk up Youmu trail from Honghegu with Berkmans, Whitefords, O'Briens and Hanleys, 1/15
January 11099
above NGC, 1/30
full size image 11100
Petticoat Mottlegill or Fringed Mottle-Gill
full size image 11101
Panaeolus papilionaceus (Bull.: Fr.) Que'let.
full size image 11102
growing on water buffalo dung
Hike with Bruce on 2/1 from Fonggueikou 風櫃口 (655m) -> Mt Ding 頂山 (768m) -> Shitiling 石梯嶺 -> Cingtiangang 擎天崗 -> Lengshueikeng 冷水坑 -> Qixingshan 七星山 (1120m) -> Yangjin Highway 陽金公路

Met a retired Canadian couple coming down Yangmingshan on the bus who were passing through Taiwan for birdwatching.

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Mushrooms on the way up to New Garden City
same area, October 2006