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December DSC_9862
Sleeping in front of Guting primary school

New Garden City

December DSC_9890
Goldie at home
December DSC_9892
Goldie and Elijah
December DSC_9897
December DSC_9899
December DSC_9905
Yellow wagtail 黃鶺鴒 (huáng jí líng) Motacilla flava
December DSC_9911
Formosan Whistling Thrush 紫嘯鶇 (zǐ xiào dōng) Myiophoneus insularis
December DSC_9916
December DSC_9947
trimmed avacado resprouts
December DSC_9956
December DSC_9974
Chinese tallow
December DSC_9976
December DSC_9978

Permaculture gathering at home

December DSC_9991
Permaculture kids
December DSC_9992
December DSC_9993
December DSC_9995
December DSC_9996
Chris and Nicole
December DSC_0001
December DSC_0003
December DSC_0005
December DSC_0008
December DSC_0012
December DSC_0022

New Garden City

December DSC_0025
Goldie 12/27 in the yard
December DSC_0030
Roof-top garden
December DSC_0032
Roof-top garden
December DSC_0039
cutting butter

Walk in Honghegu, 12/29 w/ Chris, Nicole and Dan

December DSC_0042
Small Dragonroot 申跋 (shēn bá) Arisaema ringens
December DSC_0043
December DSC_0046
December DSC_0048
December DSC_0049
trail shrine
December DSC_0054
December DSC_0056
Elijah chooses to swim
December DSC_0057
Elijah coming across
December DSC_0061
December DSC_0062
December DSC_0064
Tammy and Baboo on the trail
December DSC_0066
December DSC_0070
December DSC_0072
Baboo crossing the stream
December DSC_0080

Chris and Nicole visit for two weeks at the tail of their trans-Asian trek before continuing to the Philippines.

December DSC_0084
December DSC_0086
December DSC_0087
Keywords: bird, butterfly, dog, garden, hike, permaculture, plant, temple, trail, tree
People: Chris, Dan, Huang, Nicole, Peter, Tammy, 邱奕儒
Locations: Garden City, 花園新城
Dates: 2007:11:17 - 2007:12:31