Summer 5670
moon through the trees, 7/2
Summer 4345
Shida area 7/7
Summer 4346
graffiti in Shida area
Summer 4347
Shida area 7/7
Summer 5678
Hsintian construction
Summer 5688
Mucha temple
Summer 5692
Mucha river improvements
Summer 5705
Summer 5713
female Pale Grass Blue 沖繩小灰蝶 Zizeeria maha okinawana (Matsumura)
Summer 5719
female Indian Fritillary 黑端豹斑蝶 Argyreus hyperbius Nymphalidae
Summer 5844
coming home on the green 3
Summer 5857
New Garden City
Summer 5859
Taiwan Lily
Summer 5860
Taiwan Lily
Summer 5941
Formosa Building
Summer 5944
Summer 5949
Summer 5952
2nd floor
Summer 5955
Summer 5961
Summer 5998
Bergamot 佛手柑 Citrus aurantium at home
Summer 6005
Lemon Butterfly
Summer 6012
winter cherry bug 瘤緣椿橡 Acanthocoris sordidus eating flowering peppers
Summer 6024
文珠蘭 Crinum asiaticum at home
Summer 6025
白花藿香薊 Ageratum conyzoides
Summer 6029
marigold 金盞花Tagetes erecta

7/28 - walk down to Xiaocukeng 小粗坑

Summer 6033
Summer 6035
wet drongo
Summer 6048
hog tied
Summer 6055
Formosan Whistling Thrush 紫嘯鶇Myiophoneus insularis
Summer 6058
New Garden City 花園新城 Taiwan Lily 台灣百合 Lilium formosanum
Summer 6060
Summer 6062
Summer 6073
fishermen on the Hsintian river
Summer 6091
male Lemon Butterfly 無尾鳳蝶Papilio demoleus
Summer 6301
Summer 6307
leaking ceiling
Summer 6343
Alpinia uraiensis 烏來月桃, 大輪月桃, Fudekeng 福德坑
Summer 6345
Golden Orb Web Spider Nephila pilipes 人面蜘蛛 ("human face spider")
Summer 6361
Summer 6366
spider, Fudekeng 福德坑
Summer 6372
Pristine building innards
Summer 6381
new helen (Fitch)
Summer 6424
spider in the agrimony
Summer 6471
Summer 6488
Taipei 101 from Zhongquan park
Summer 6499
Formosa Buildings, Songde Rd
Summer 6505
Summer 6509
Summer 6513
101 reflected at the end of the day
Summer 6532
Summer 6539
bus passing
Summer 6562
bicyclist motion

New Garden City 花園新城

Summer 6596
Formosan Magpie 台灣藍鵲 Urocissa caerulea (hit by car?) at the head of Rd. 6
Summer 6598
Hsintian from New Garden City
Summer 6614
Chinese Peacock (Swallowtail) 烏鴉鳳蝶 翠鳳蝶 Papilio bianor thrasymedes
Summer 6627
in the Spanish Flag 馬纓丹 (五色梅)Lantana camara
Summer 6639
train arriving
Summer 6653
Bergamot 佛手柑 starting to flower
Summer 6661
Roof-top garden
Summer 6663
Summer 6673
Summer 6677
first floor
Summer 6678
Summer 6686
yard before Sepat
Summer 6703
Highway three enters the Bitan tunnel
Summer 6725
Songde Road
Summer 6736
Jessie and Greg
Summer 6742
Summer 6743
typhoon Sepat approaches
Summer 6748
Summer 6771
lemon balm, rosemary, basil, mint
Summer 6777
Summer 6790
Summer 6816
Summer 6821
Lanxi stream 蘭溪
Summer 6822
guava flower
Summer 6844
agrimony flower
Summer 6850

Larry joins with a Catholic group to form a Taiwan entity for the IFPEOC

Summer 6864
Summer 6868

New Garden City 花園新城

Summer 6890
Summer 6903
on the roof at dusk
Summer 7146
Summer 7201
Japanese White-eye 綠繡眼 Zosterops japonicus
Summer 7221
Light-vented Bulbul 白頭翁 Pycnonotus sinensis formosae
Summer 7225
Japanese White-eye 綠繡眼 Zosterops japonicus
Summer 7240
bat in the doghouse
Summer 7252
Summer 7268
Summer 7270
Summer 7271
Summer 7394
yard after typhoon Sepat
Summer 7398
Larry meets Harn

Sai Lang Won (Harn) is founder of Alternative Education for Social Engagement, based in Chiang Mai, Thailand Harn, originally from Burma, moved to Thailand to pursue a university education as Burmese schools were shut down by the ruling military regime. After interning with the regional human-rights organization Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development, he joined a youth program called Nationalities' Youth Development Program. In 2003, he founded Alternative Education for Social Engagement. This non-profit social movement aims to build a just, peaceful and radically democratic society in Burma.

Keywords: bird, butterfly, flower, insect, mammal, plant
People: Greg, Larry, Philip, Sai, Tammy
Dates: 2007:07:02 - 2007:09:10