Macao 馬槽
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7866
Waiting for the bus to go to Macao.
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7867
More riverway reimagining.
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7870
Inside Yangmingshan National Park
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7874
Area where fumaroles dot the earth from sulfure-laden geothermal vents
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7878
Nearby farms
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7882
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7884
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7886
Chatting with Macao owner Lillian about eco development plans
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7888
area where restaurant used to be before it burned down
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7889
downhill side of parking lot
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7890
more discussion about development ideas
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7891
dandelion family
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7893
forest area to the north
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7894
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7896
local farmer/vendor
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7899
buying baked sweet potatoes
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7901
local vegetables
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7903
Macao 馬槽 DSC_7905
looking at drawings, plans

Lillian Chou invites me to her low key Hotspring Resort to talk about her eco-development plans and how to integrate permaculture design.

Keyword: permaculture
People: Lillian, Tammy
Locations: Yangmingshan, 陽明山
Date: 2010:01:02