May 18784
Perilla frutescens 紫蘇

Perilla 紫蘇 is a genus of annual herb that is a member of the mint family, Lamiaceae. In mild climates the plant reseeds itself. There are both green-leafed and purple-leafed varieties which are generally recognized as separate species by botanists. The leaves resemble stinging nettle leaves, being slightly rounder in shape. It is also widely known as the Beefsteak plant. Its essential oils provide for a strong taste whose intensity might be compared to that of mint or fennel. It is considered rich in minerals and vitamins, has anti-inflammatory properties and is thought to help preserve and sterilize other foods. In Nepal and parts of India, it is called silam (सिलाम). Its seeds are ground with chili and tomatoes to make a savoury dip/side dish.

May 18785
home stretch
May 18792
Tammy crossing the field
May 18794
Dodo and Lucy
May 18797
May 18800
Tung tree 油桐..Vernicia fordii blossoms
May 18808
Tung blossom snow in the forest
May 18812
Viva Pasta
May 18815
Pristine elevator
May 18819
Wenzhou park 溫州公園
May 18823
ficus 榕樹 in Wenzhou park 溫州公園
May 18825
urban farming
May 18836
back lane near Taida and Pristine office
May 18838
May 18841
birth of a swarm of beetles?
May 18845
dispersing to find food
May 18852
dispersing to find food
May 18949
Taiwan Lily
May 18955
Black Drongo 大卷尾 Dicrurus macrocercus
May 18957
unthought construction
May 18960
Taiwan Lily 台灣百合 Lilium formosanum
May 18961
May 18970
Formosan Acacia 台灣相思 Acacia confusa flowers
May 18973
Giant taro 海芋
May 18978
May 18979
Jimson Weed 曼陀羅 Datura suaveolens flower pods
May 18980
May 18982
gauge panel
May 18983
magnolia 木蘭 about to bloom
May 18984
福木 clusiaceae trees in bloom
May 18989
traditional Japanese-era roofing
May 18993
May 18995
mango babies
May 18997
May 19000
May 19002
Ficus tree where Baboo's sister was buried
May 19004
May 19235
Alan and Menghui at newly opened NGC Cafe as Alan departs to India
May 19239
forest rat on the path
May 19248
May 19250
dryer repair
May 19258
carrying Baboo up to the field
May 19259
May 19262
May 19263
May 19270
May 19277
carrying Baboo back home
May 19285
back home
May 19287
dryer pieces
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