Summer IMG_0840
Summer IMG_0842
Summer IMG_0845
Summer IMG_0849
Summer IMG_0851
Summer IMG_0855
Summer DSC_9895
power in betel nut
Summer DSC_9902
twilight over the water treatment plant
Summer DSC_9904
Summer DSC_9905
Summer DSC_9915
Summer DSC_9945
A Taipei Flora Expo temp green space
Summer DSC_9947
Summer DSC_9957
a favorite noodle and sushi/sashim place
Summer IMG_0875
Summer DSC_9982
Nutrified seepage
Summer DSC_9984
Waiting for the bus at the bottom of our community
Summer DSC_9989
Summer DSC_0001
Summer IMG_0877
Drupal conference
Summer IMG_0879
Drupal conference - Jimmy and OS friend
Summer DSC_0115
Summer DSC_0223
black-throated laughing thrush 黑喉噪眉 (hēi hóu zào méi) Garrulax chinensis

The black-throated laughing thrush 黑喉噪鶥 (Hēi hóu zào méi) Garrulax chinensis has established populations in the lowlands and forested hills of northern Taiwan where it enjoys mimicking other thrushes, hill partridges, scimitar babblers and serpent eagles.

Summer DSC_0225
Summer IMG_0885
Summer IMG_0887
Summer DSC_0357
View south along Roosevelt Road from Pristine balcony
Summer DSC_0358
Formosan Blue Magpie 臺灣藍鵲 Urocissa caerulea
Summer DSC_0361
Black Bulbul 紅嘴黑鵯 (hóng zuǐ hēi bēi) Hypsipetes leucocephalus
Summer DSC_0362
Formosan Blue Magpie 臺灣藍鵲 (táiwān lán que) Urocissa caerulea
Summer IMG_0890
office downpour
Summer IMG_0892
Summer DSC_0363
Summer DSC_0366
writing spider
Summer DSC_0367
Adrian cares for a friend's dog
Summer DSC_0371
Summer DSC_0380

...some mantises are able to detect the echolocation sounds produced by bats, and when the frequency begins to increase rapidly, indicating an approaching bat, they will stop flying horizontally and begin a descending spiral toward the safety of the ground...

Summer DSC_0382
Summer DSC_0384
Summer DSC_0388
Summer DSC_0397
Summer DSC_0399
Summer DSC_0465
Spotted-necked dove 斑頸鳩/珠頸斑鳩 (bān jǐng jiū/zhū jǐng bānjiū) Streptopelia chinensis
Summer IMG_0894
Summer DSC_0471
Summer DSC_0481
Summer DSC_0483
Summer DSC_0486
sunset storm
Summer DSC_0488
Summer IMG_0896
Summer DSC_0493
Summer DSC_0499
Summer DSC_0504
Summer DSC_0505
Summer DSC_0507
Taipei taxi
Summer DSC_0509
home peppers
Summer DSC_0523
Summer DSC_0524
Summer DSC_0526
broken roof leaks
Summer DSC_0535
Summer DSC_0542
Summer DSC_0548
Summer DSC_0550
landlord's clown entry
Summer DSC_0554
Lucy yawns
Summer DSC_0558
Summer DSC_0559
Summer DSC_0561
Summer DSC_0562
Summer DSC_0575
Summer DSC_0578
Summer DSC_0750
Summer DSC_0755
Summer IMG_0900
Summer IMG_0901
Summer IMG_0908
Summer IMG_0910
Summer IMG_0919
Summer DSC_0760
101 at sunset
Summer DSC_0783
Summer DSC_0805
Summer DSC_0810
Summer IMG_0920
Summer DSC_0821
flowering aloe
Summer DSC_0831
flowering tumeric
Summer DSC_0835
Summer IMG_0924
70-80% mature compost
Summer DSC_0838
Summer DSC_0844
Summer DSC_0845
Summer DSC_0847
Summer DSC_0849
Summer DSC_0853
Summer DSC_0854
Summer DSC_0857
Summer DSC_0861
Summer DSC_0866
Summer DSC_0870
Summer DSC_0873
Summer DSC_0874
Summer DSC_0875
Summer DSC_0877
Summer DSC_0878
Summer DSC_0879
Summer DSC_0881
Summer DSC_0884
Summer DSC_0886
Summer DSC_0888
Summer DSC_0889
Summer DSC_0896
Oleander Hawk-moth 夾竹桃天蛾 (jiàzhútáo tiāné) Daphnis nerii
Summer DSC_0898
Fairy Lily 玉簾 Zephyranthes candida
Summer DSC_0930
Summer DSC_0933
aloe flowers
Summer DSC_0969
Summer DSC_0976
Summer DSC_1099
olive frog 腹斑蛙 (fù bān wā) Babina adenopleura

The olive frog 腹斑蛙 Babina adenopleura thrives in subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical moist shrubland, subtropical or tropical seasonally wet or flooded lowland grassland, swamps, freshwater lakes, freshwater marshes, rural gardens, heavily degraded former forest, ponds, irrigated land, and canals and ditches.

Summer DSC_1126
Summer DSC_1141
Lucy and Dodo
Summer DSC_1143
coffee fruiting
Summer DSC_1145
Summer DSC_1147
Summer DSC_1148
moth in the figs
Summer DSC_1149
Summer DSC_1151
Summer DSC_1153
Summer DSC_1155
Summer DSC_1227
Summer DSC_1230

First visit to new HP office in Nangang 南港, 9/29

Summer DSC_1260
YangMingShan from the north turn of the Wenhu line
Summer DSC_1261
Taipei Songshan airport
Summer DSC_1265
Summer DSC_1266
Summer DSC_1269
HP's new office
Summer DSC_1286
Nick and Taroko Gorge
Summer DSC_1287
Nangang Softare Park Station form Nick's desk
Summer DSC_1292
6th floor - ESS
Summer DSC_1296
server room
Summer DSC_1317
going back home
Keywords: bird, butterfly, dog, flower, frog, insect, moth, mushroom, plant, reptile
People: Joshua, Tammy
Locations: Dadaocheng, 大稻埕, Home, 家, Neihu, 內湖, New Garden City, 花園新城, Pristine, 精粹
Dates: 2010:06:21 - 2010:09:29