February DSC_1366
February DSC_0371
Mindy and her friend visit for new years
February DSC_0513
Lunch with Mindy and Larry
February DSC_0525
Daiwen visits
February DSC_0527
cherry litter in the bird bath
February DSC_0590
Baboo coming out for a walk
February DSC_0647
view from the kitchen

Hike to Zhitan Mtn 直潭山

February DSC_4736
Cascading water collection of the trees
February DSC_4738
February DSC_4744
February DSC_4749
Tammy on the ridge from Erlong 二龍山 to Zhitan Mtn 直潭山
February DSC_4750
February DSC_4752
sidepath north toward New Garden City
February DSC_4753
February DSC_4759
February DSC_4761
February DSC_4762
February DSC_4763
CWB sign
February DSC_4764
Tammy at Zhitan Mtn 直潭山, 728m
February DSC_4768
CWB installation at the peak
February DSC_4770
hiker's orientation map at the peak
February DSC_4771
February DSC_4802
February DSC_4803
Keyword: hike
Dates: 2010:10:02 - 2011:03:05
Locations: Home, 家
People: Tammy