Home garden - 11/21

Winter IMG_1038
Long view of terrace garden before design implementation formally takes place.
Winter IMG_1041
Another shot of the terrace garden's most westerly corner with the hazy valley void below and beyond.
Winter IMG_1043
Terrace edge garden - left side covered; right side not. New pots of herbs getting started.
Winter IMG_1044
Beans growing up trellis around osmanthus bush and up onto strings strung between girders.

Pristine neighborhood - 12/1

Winter IMG_1049
Rescue vehicle for cats and dogs.
Winter IMG_1051
Patricia and Menghui at the local flea market.
Winter IMG_1052
Taipei City Government extolling the virtues of greening projects (this by EP)

first survey of site below Peace Cafe, 1/2

Winter DSC_4138
Red Turtle Dove 紅鳩 Streptopelia tranquebarica
Winter IMG_1056
Potential gardening area below @Peace Cafe.
Winter IMG_1057
Winter IMG_1061
area above gardening area
Winter IMG_1062
View of extended family homestead above garden area.
Winter DSC_4146

Home garden - 1/5

Winter IMG_1066
Winter IMG_1071
Winter DSC_4191
Winter DSC_4223
southern Taipei city and beyond from balcony
Winter DSC_4225
Bitan 碧潭 and subway terminus from our balcony

Seeing quite a few different species of birds this winter.

Winter DSC_4250
Gray-headed Pygmy Woodpecker 小啄木 Dendrocopos canicapillus
Winter DSC_4258
mountains shadowed
Winter DSC_4265
Winter DSC_4269
Winter DSC_4287
Scaly Thrush, White's Ground Thrush 虎鶇 Zoothera dauma

Two Eye-browed Thrushes 白眉鶇 Turdus obscurus, an adolescent to the left and mature male on the right, and in the center a Scaly Thrush or White's Ground Thrush 虎鶇 Zoothera dauma.

Winter DSC_4311
Eye-browed thrush 白眉鶇 Turdus obscurus
Winter DSC_4335
Winter DSC_4345
the land beyond
Winter DSC_4358
looking out
Winter DSC_4362
dumplings with pumpkin sauce

Wintering birds 1/29

Winter DSC_0056
Light-vented Bulbul 白頭翁 Pycnonotus sinensis formosae in budding Taiwan cherry 山櫻花 Prunus campanulata
Winter DSC_0061
Black-naped Monarch 黑枕藍鶲 Hypothymis azurea oberholseri
Winter DSC_0062
Black-naped Monarch 黑枕藍鶲 Hypothymis azurea oberholseri
Winter DSC_0068
Gray-cheeked Fulvetta 繡眼畫眉 Alcippe morrisonia
Winter DSC_0099
White's Thrush 虎斑地鶇 Zoothera dauma

The White's Ground Thrush 虎鶇 Zoothera dauma is regularly in the grass of the Girl Scout's lawn in the morning and afternoon's through cherry blossoming and into the first week of a cool and wet March. It flies into trees on the field perimeter as soon as anyone comes onto the field.

Formosan ferret badger 鼬獾 (you4 huan1) Melogale moschata subaurantiaca in a gin trap 2/4

Winter DSC_0320
Formosan ferret badger 鼬獾 (you4 huan1) Melogale moschata subaurantiaca in gin trap
Winter DSC_0341
Formosan ferret badger 鼬獾 (you4 huan1) Melogale moschata subaurantiaca rescued
Winter DSC_0353
Formosan ferret badger 鼬獾 (you4 huan1) Melogale moschata subaurantiaca
Winter DSC_0365
Formosan ferret badger 鼬獾 (you4 huan1) Melogale moschata subaurantiaca in gin trap

Philip and Tammy go out for a short walk in the woods not far from the house we lived in nearly 18 years ago about 15 minutes away from our current place below the Girl Scout Training Camp. we start down one of the many paths, this one having a single trail marker at the roadside. not far in we discover dumping activity, fortunately nothing too toxic. farther in a tree, not naturally fallen but placed, lies across the path, usually a kind of warning or sign. We walk in anyway, enticed by the obvious bird activity. not long after watching for birds, Philip hears a ruffling near the path. we find a formosan ferret-badger 鼬獾 (you4 huan1) Melogale moschata subaurantiaca struggling in a gin trap. It's been there long enough to draw flies to its severely damaged front right leg. The line to the gin trap has tangled the poor animal in bushes, but it allows us to get a hold of it and gradually lower it into Tammy's just right sized backpack by the trap line. We check for other traps and then carry the animal and another empty trap out, calling Sean to see if he has tools or advice about what to do. We take the animal to his place in our community. After getting the animal out of the bag, The trap is impossible to open and Philip and Sean decide that if the trap is removed, the animal might lose too much blood. So, Sean arranges to take it to an emergency vet care hospital along with another dog rescued from a gin trap.

The formosan ferret-badger Melogale moschata subaurantiaca an endemic (only found on Taiwan) subspecies of Melogale moschata - Chinese Ferret-badger or Small-toothed Ferret-badger, is a member of the Mustelidae family. Distinctive mask-like face markings distinguish the Ferret-badger from other cats, such as the Formosan gem-faced civet 白鼻心 Paguma larvata taivana. In Chinese it is known as 鼬獾 (you4 huan1), 做山獾 and 白鼻狸. This ferret-badger badger lives in burrows or crevices and is active at dusk and at night. Nocturnal, it has poor vision, small teeth and weak biting, the ferret badger is not a strong hunter, but omnivorous, feeding on fruit, soft and hard-bodied insects, snails, slugs, earthworms, frogs, lizards, and occasionally small rodents and birds (and their eggs). It is savage when alarmed and its anal secretions are foul-smelling. It has a keen sense of smell and is a good climber. It has an extended breeding season from February to September, with each adult female producing only one litter in any one year, the female gives birth to a litter of up to 3 young in May or June. The average body size of the Formosa ferret-badger is 35 to 40 cm with a tail of 14 to 20 cm and weighs 1 to 1.75 kg. It is common in forestlands at elevations up to 2100m. It seems that it is the civet that is the target of the traps in this area. Unfortunately unintended catches like this ferret-badger or cats or dogs are just left to die a long, painful death if they don't chew off their paws to get free. Ferret badgers have been on the endangered species list since 1996.

Keywords: bird, mammal
Locations: Home, 家, New Garden City, 花園新城
Dates: 2010:11:21 - 2011:02:04