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Garden City 花園新城

January 2012-01-07_395960_360161660666504_121876016_n
瑪飛洑, Green Party Taiwan's presidential candidate, gives a talk in Garden City
January DSC_8685
Taiwan common toad 盤古蟾蜍 (pángǔ chánchú) Bufo bankorensis

The Taiwan common toad 盤古蟾蜍 Bufo bankorensis, endemic to Taiwan, is the largest species of frog found on Taiwan. It is found at elevations ranging from sea level to 2,700 meters in broadleaf forest, mixed forests, orchards, and cultivated fields. Adult males range from 60-110 mm and females from 36.5-104 mm in snout-vent length. Dorsal coloration varies and may be reddish, yellowish, greenish or dark brown.

January DSC_8690
January DSC_8691
January DSC_8693

Julong hot springs 巨龍溫泉

January DSC_8697
Julong hot springs 巨龍溫泉 single room
January DSC_8700
Julong hot springs 巨龍溫泉 coffee shop
January DSC_8701
January DSC_8704
view from Julong hot springs 巨龍溫泉 restaurant deck
January DSC_8705
looking downriver
January DSC_8706
pearl onions bed

Garden City 花園新城

January DSC_8708
sliver of gated community in front of Garden City convenience store
January DSC_8712
view of Qingtan 青潭 and Bitan 碧潭
January DSC_8714
cherry blossoms
January DSC_8716
hibiscus flower
January DSC_8719
sweet gum

Dog walk

January DSC_8730
January DSC_8754
January DSC_8760
January DSC_8767
January DSC_8783
January DSC_8790
dog's winter house
Keywords: dog, flower, frog
People: Philip, Tammy
Locations: Garden City, 花園新城, Garden City Garden, 新城花園
Dates: 2012:01:01 - 2012:01:26