Gainesville P1070419
Gainesville P1070425
fruiting banana next to the house
Gainesville DSC_9823
Ophelia and Bella
Gainesville DSC_9824

La Chua trail, Boulware Springs, Paynes Prairie, north Florida

Gainesville DSC_9826
Gainesville DSC_9828
Gainesville DSC_9829
Boulware Springs
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Gainesville DSC_9831
Gainesville DSC_9833
Gainesville DSC_9836
Paynes Prairie
Gainesville DSC_9837
Gainesville DSC_9838
road obstructed
Gainesville DSC_9841
Gainesville DSC_9844
Boulware Springs
Gainesville DSC_9847
Gainesville DSC_9848
Gainesville DSC_9853


Gainesville P1070500
pulling compost out from under the brush
Gainesville P1070501
Gainesville P1070502
Gainesville P1070508
Gainesville DSC_9967
Gainesville DSC_9969
lush west side
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Gainesville DSC_9981
Gainesville DSC_9982
Gainesville DSC_9983-7
Bella and Ophelia
Gainesville DSC_9984
Gainesville DSC_9986
car port
Keywords: butterfly, dog, video
People: Anne-Marie, George, Philip
Locations: Gainesville
Dates: 2012:10:17 - 2012:11:12