Sifenzi 四份子 visit
Sifenzi 四份子 visit sifenzi-2013-08-23
蘇秋 Suqiu tells the story of Sifenzi 四份子

video of local elder, 蘇秋 Sū qiū recounting her story of Sifenzi 四份子 and local area history.

Sifenzi 四份子 visit DSC_1126
top of the 屈尺古道 Quchi path
Sifenzi 四份子 visit DSC_1160
Sifenzi 四份子 visit DSC_1215
Greater Coucal 褐翅鴉鵑 Centropus sinensis

Greater Coucal 褐翅鴉鵑 (hè chì yā juān) Centropus sinensis is a large non-parasitic member of the cuckoo order of birds, the Cuculiformes. They are large, crow-like with a long tail and coppery brown wings and found in wide range of habitats from jungle to cultivation and urban gardens. They are weak fliers, and are often seen clambering about in vegetation or walking on the ground as they forage for insects, eggs and nestlings of other birds. They have a familiar deep resonant call which is associated with omens in many parts of its range.

Keywords: bird, video
People: Mei, Philip
Locations: Garden City Garden, 新城花園, New Garden City, 花園新城
Date: 2013:08:23