Winter DSC_0291
cherry blossoms
Winter DSC_0292
beginning again
Winter DSC_0297
bees in the blossoms
Winter DSC_0311
mimicking cryptic
Winter DSC_0388
sky full of blossoms
Winter DSC_7616
kumquats, habanero, jalapeno
Winter DSC_7618
Guardian in the stairway
Winter DSC_7619
The light bringing the inanimate to life
Winter DSC_7621
Landslip area recovering above new retaining wall
Winter DSC_7622
cat hideout
Winter DSC_7623
Comfortable cat taking in the warming winter sun
Winter DSC_0392
blossom landed
Winter DSC_0394
Winter DSC_0396
run down shelter across from our house
Winter DSC_0397
Winter DSC_0401
Wei-wei keeps watch from the home terrace
Winter DSC_27731
Tongho 桶後 suspension bridge
Keyword: bike
Locations: Home, 家, Xiaoyi, 孝義
Dates: 2013:01:15 - 2013:02:26