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carrying water
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Sentinel pine
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Marc marking the boundary
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peeling birch
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Beaver meadow
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Marc and Phelan arrived at the Ball place Tuesday night about 6pm. We said hello to Tammy and unlocked the gate. The path up to the camp was very clear, just a few branches to move. The Subaru had very little issue with the path, no sliding or spinning of tires. The first night it rained hard for several hours, on and off. The tent hold up fairly well. Wednesday Phelan and Marc visited the landmarks - The waterfall, the cliff, the pine ridge trail, and diamond hill. We had some rain on Wednesday but not too heavy. We also cleared out the spring a bit, after collecting about 5 gallons of water. Thursday we walked the line from Beaver Meadow road up to the Johnson corner, and along Downer state park. We saw there's been much clear cutting on a portion of that line, but that may not be recent. I blazed with a can of orange outdoor spray paint, which got us just a little bit around the sharp corner on to the Kitchel line. From there we walked back to camp, out of paint. We saw no more rain after Wednesday. Thursday night it was cold, in the 40s F probably. The whole property was vibrant with life.

Keywords: mushroom, reptile, tree, water
People: Marc, Phelan
Locations: Vermont
Dates: 2014:07:09 - 2014:07:10