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Asian Glossy Starling 輝椋鳥

Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2031
Asian Glossy Starlings 輝椋鳥 (huī liángniǎo)
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2034
Taiwan Barbet 五色鳥 (wǔsè niǎo) Megalaima nuchalis
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2039
in flight
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2042
Asian Glossy Starlings 輝椋鳥 (huī liángniǎo)
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2047
Asian Glossy Starling 輝椋鳥 (huī liángniǎo) Aplonis panayensis
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2052
Common Magpie 喜鵲 (xǐquè) Pica pica
Dihua Street 迪化街 IMG_3832
immature Asian Glossy Starling 輝椋鳥 Aplonis panayensis

Coming out of the Shuanglian MRT metro station 雙連站, we notice a tree full of bird activity. Asian Glossy Starlings 輝椋鳥 (huī liáng niǎo) Aplonis panayensis are feeding in a cluster of fruiting Sea Fig 雀榕 (què róng) Ficus superba. We also see a Taiwan Barbet 黑眉擬啄木鳥 (hēi méi nǐ zhuó mù niǎo) Megalaima nuchalis and Common Magpie 喜鵲 (xǐquè) Pica pica in the trees.

Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2058
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2059
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2060
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2067
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2072
old facade

Dihua street 迪化街 market

The name "Dihua" was given in 1947 by the Republic of China government, in reference to the city of Dihua (now called Ürümqi) in Xinjiang, and effectively joins a string of older streets in this area of Taipei existing prior to the Chinese Civil War. Locals living in the district refer to the portion of the street north of the Minsheng West Road 民生西路 as Dihua North 北街, and the portion south as Dihua south 南街. Being the oldest street in Taipei (with sections in existence since the rule of Dutch Formosa from 1624–1661), its architecture has been under preservation and conservation efforts by the city. Modern Dihua Street along with its surrounding neighborhood and streets, known as the Dihua Street commercial loop 迪化街商圈, remain one of the most commercially active in Taipei with transactions in excess of 3 billion US dollars.

Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2073
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2074
Tammy buying sesame snacks
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2075
Black and white sesame snacks. We also bought one with roasted sunflower seeds.
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2077
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2078

Dihua Street 迪化街 is in the Dadaocheng area of Datong District 大同區, Taipei, winding from the south of the district toward the north in the old village of Dalongdong 大龍峒. The street, then known as Center Street 中街, was constructed during the 1850s, when many commercial entities belonging to Quanzhou-originating owners moved in from the nearby village of Bangka 艋舺. Since then, and throughout the rest of the 19th century, Dihua Street has been an important center for commerce in Taiwanese products and produce such as Chinese medicinal herbs, fabrics, incense materials, and for the post-processing of Taiwanese tea.

Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2079
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2080
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2081
dried meat and fish
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2082
Tammy buying peanut, sesame, and kumquat cakes.
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2083
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2084
market vendor in front of traditional medicine shop

Although a relatively calm street during most times of the year Dihua street bustles with people during the two weeks before Chinese New Year. The residents of Taipei flock to the street during these times to buy necessities for the festivities, while tourists visit for the traditional Fujian decorations, atmosphere, and architecture. The street continues to be a major destination during Chinese New Year festivities, with 750,000 people visiting the street in the two weeks leading up to the holiday.

Xiahai Chenghuang Temple 霞海城隍廟

Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2085
Xiahai Chenghuang Temple 霞海城隍廟
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2088
burning incense in front of the temple
Dihua Street 迪化街 IMG_3843
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2090
candies and lucky hangings for sale

Xiahai Chenghuang Temple 霞海城隍廟, on Dihua Street, leads a festival to celebrate the birthday of Xiahai Chenghuang 霞海城隍, a city god, on the 13th day of the 5th lunar month every year.

Dihua Street 迪化街 IMG_3846

Taiwan Agricultural Products Company 台灣農產企業公司

Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2091
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2092
seeds in traditional packaging
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2093

Dadaocheng 大稻埕

Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2094
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2095
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2096
mushroom sellers in front of a traditional Chinese medicine shop
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2098
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2104
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2105
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2109
Tammy buying ginger and red jujube tea

Dadaocheng 大稻埕 "big rice-drying field" spelled Twatutia before Japanese rule, is an historic area in the Datong District of Taipei. It was known as Daitotei by the Japanese and Tataocheng during the Kuomintang era. Dadaocheng was an important trading port in the 19th century. When the export of tea became important in northern Taiwan in the mid-19th century, many businessmen came to Dadaocheng. Dadaocheng was one of the most populous cities in Taiwan. In 1920, it became part of newly incorporated Taipei City. The district is known for local Taiwanese cuisine, the Chien-Cheng Circle 圓環, and also being the center of the 228 Incident.

Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2112
Tammy helps a vendor pull her boxes across the road

The hiring of clean-up crews and rental of store-fronts to seasonal merchants during the two weeks is an important source of revenue for many residents.

Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2128
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2142
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2143
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2146
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2147

Machine and tool shops

Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2150
fan shop
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2152
springs shop
Dihua Street 迪化街 IMG_3835
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2153
Dihua Street 迪化街 IMG_3836
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2154
cogs and sprockets
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2155
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2158
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2161
Dihua Street 迪化街 DSC_2076
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