February GOPR0478
ripe tomatoes
February GOPR0481
February GOPR0520
February GOPR0528_H264
overflowing water tank (video)
February GOPR0540
sprouting salads and radishes
February GOPR0542
February DSC_2392
February DSC_2395
Saturday harvest of greens, herbs, habaneros, yellow eggplant, tomatoes, passion fruit from the community garden
February DSC_2396
Pumpkin pattern
February DSC_2401
home work
February DSC_2404
February DSC_2417
Our first bulb fennel harvest
February DSC_2424
February DSC_2430
Kanee on the stairs
February DSC_2433
February DSC_2447
February DSC_2450
February DSC_2451
February DSC_2452
February DSC_2453
February DSC_2454
two water barrels in series
February DSC_2457
February DSC_2458
Taipei alley
February DSC_2465
street offering
Keywords: GC Garden, dog, flower, video
People: Tammy
Locations: New Garden City, 花園新城
Dates: 2014:01:29 - 2014:03:01