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May DSC_3470
Beginning of our ecological survey work in the Cukeng area
May DSC_3471
History of educational initiatives in Garden City
May DSC_3478
Marigold sprouts
May DSC_3479
Sunflower seed sprouting
May DSC_3480
Habanero seedling (note wide leaves)
May DSC_3481
May DSC_3483
Passion fruit seedling
May DSC_3485
Edible amaranth with gigantic leaves
May DSC_3487
Young habanero plant getting ready to flower/fruit
May DSC_3488
Habanero plant from above.
May DSC_3490
Choko/chayote sprouting
May DSC_3491
Jalapeno seedlings (narrower leaves)
May DSC_3493
Flowering pear cactus on roof outside terrace garden
May DSC_3495
Incompetence from days past
May DSC_3499
Outside "trough" that collects water, creating inside leaks/mold
May DSC_3502
Philip investigating the source of leak/mold
May DSC_3505
Tammy playing in the dirt (making potting soil)
May DSC_3506
Philip hunting African snails
May DSC_3508
Tumeric leaves sprouting
May DSC_3509
Ginger leaves sprouting.
May DSC_3514
Basil sprouts
May DSC_3515
Sunflower, basil, marigold sprouts and more
May DSC_3516
Various other sprouts
May DSC_3518
Sunset digital DJ
May DSC_1034
Sprouting operations on the terrace
Keywords: plant, sprout
People: Philip
Dates: 2014:05:08 - 2014:05:18