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December 12314465_10208249004331281_7735140022255000271_o
at Nick's thanks giving
December DSC_6963
shoe repair
December DSC_6966
napier grass 狼尾草 (láng wěi cǎo) Pennisetum purpureum seed tassle
December DSC_6967
December DSC_6970
house from above
December DSC_6771
Peanut Butter Fruit 花生奶油果 (Huāshēng nǎiyóu guǒ) Bunchosia argentea
December 12336255_10153112020647665_1857419842_n
James and friends visit the Buluo Rooftop garden
December DSC_6985
Lemon Emigrant 遷粉蝶 (qiān fěndié) Catopsilia pomona and nasturtium
December DSC_6776
Ryukyu Long-stemmed Desmodium 琉球山螞蝗 (Liúqiú shān mǎ huáng) Hylodesmum laxum DC. subsp. laterale (Schindl.) Ohashi
December DSC_6777
Ryukyu Long-stemmed Desmodium 琉球山螞蝗 (Liúqiú shān mǎ huáng) Hylodesmum laxum DC. subsp. laterale (Schindl.) Ohashi
December DSC_6778
Ryukyu Long-stemmed Desmodium 琉球山螞蝗 (Liúqiú shān mǎ huáng) Hylodesmum laxum DC. subsp. laterale (Schindl.) Ohashi
December DSC_7003
Wild ginger flower seeds
December DSC_7005
A wild fruit in the passion fruit family
December DSC_7006
December DSC_7008
Patricia trimming the vetiver grass, which is then used for mulch. Large spiky plants are pineapple
December DSC_7010
Still working on getting the garden back in shape since the typhoons and torrential rains
December DSC_7011
December DSC_7012
Patricia trimming back the vetiver, which we use for mulch
December DSC_7013
Patricia with trimmed/harvested vetiver grass (for mulch)
December DSC_7019
Roots of one harvested tumeric plant
December DSC_7022
Our dogs have it good. Sometimes they get out and walk themselves and then come back on their own.
December DSC_7025
Coriander seeds from last year's Buluo Daxue rooftop garden harvest
December DSC_7027
construction site below our house
December DSC_7050
eating palm grass 颱風草 (táifēng cǎo) Setaria palmifolia
December DSC_7057
connecting to city water
December DSC_7065
Viola 香菫菜 Viola odorata L.
December DSC_7067
Viola 香菫菜 Viola odorata L.
December DSC_7068
Viola 香菫菜 Viola odorata L.

Photos from Gainesville

December P1080347
December P1080348
December P1080351
December P1080357
December P1080358

water explore on a cool day

December GOPR1694
water explore on a cool day

Buluo Daxue End-of-Year Fair

December DSC_7071
Setting up the booth
December DSC_7072
Setting posters and compost demonstrations
December DSC_7075
Other students get ready to show their accomplishments
December DSC_7077
Members of a Puyuma culture group
December DSC_7078
New poster for Permaculture Ethics and Principles made by a student.
December DSC_7085
Nanji leads a Bunun culture performance.
December DSC_7087
Booth final setup.
December DSC_7090
Even dogs get into the act.
December DSC_7093
Spontaneous circle dancing erupts.
December DSC_7095
Audrey practices teaching about composting.
December DSC_7096
Audrey listens to a talkative woman.
December DSC_7098
Five of about 10+ students who came to the event.
December DSC_7100
Nanji, my Bunun friend, neighbor and teaching colleague.
December DSC_7101
December DSC_7102


December DSC_7107
shelf installation
December DSC_7109
December DSC_7112
December DSC_7114
shelf installation complete

Finally getting to some of the house projects that we've been wanting to do since moving, which included changing/remaking drapes, shelves, etc. to fit our new setting. When we took the drapes to be shortened, we took them to the woman who originally made them 20+ years ago. We praised her for how good her work and materials had been that the drapes were still in good shape, to which she replied that it was a bittersweet compliment because she might be out of business if everyone did things the way we did! Here we are putting up shelves that have been moved and remounted at least twice before. They were also soaked when our garage was flooded earlier this summer. So, after cutting off the parts that got ruined and refinishing the shelves, we mounted them in a challenging artsy pattern. We also have stopped using plastic sheaves and create our own bamboo or wooden slivers to put into the drilled holes instead to serve the same function.

Keywords: buluodaxue, butterfly, dog, flower, fruit, home, plant, project, root, seed, video
People: Christopher, George, Philip, Sue, Tammy
Locations: Asiadnet, 亞洲網, Dadaocheng, 大稻埕, Garden City, 花園新城, Garden City Garden, 新城花園
Dates: 2015:11:26 - 2015:12:27