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Freezing in Gainesville

February P1080137
February P1080142

Bumble bee

February DSC_3995
Bumble bee, emergence
February DSC_3998
Bumble bee. getting ready to take off

Crash into the river in Gweishan 龜山

February underwater_2015-02-28
Underwater flight in Gweishan 龜山
February G0051354
Underwater in Gweishan 龜山

Dan and Annette visit the Dillers

February P1080162
February P1080166
Keywords: flight, insect, river, video
People: Anne-Marie, Annette, Christopher, Dan, George
Locations: Gainesville, Guishan, 龜山, Home, 家
Dates: 2015:02:20 - 2015:03:02