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below the new house

July DSC_6108
work site below
July DSC_6109
gate to the stream
July DSC_6111
work site from bridge
July DSC_6112
view from the bridge
July DSC_6117_640x360
home flooding
July DSC_6116_640x360
home flooding
July DSC_6118
still moving in

Views from the new office

July DSC_6127
Jiying Temple 集應廟 on the hill behind our office in Jingmei
July DSC_6129
Mucha 木柵 incinerator

Working on the new house

July DSC_5290
Philip fixing our Japanese era hutch that was damaged in the move.
July DSC_5292
When drainage pipes fail in a rainy environment, drill a hole.
July DSC_5295
Cut-away plastic bottle serves as pipe to move the water away from the house.
July DSC_5298
Black rice from a permaculturist in Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China
July bug
Digger wasp 紅腳細腰蜂 (hóngjiǎo xìyāo fēng) Sphex

Digger wasp 紅腳細腰蜂 (hóngjiǎo xìyāo fēng) Sphex - The female digger wasp digs nests in the ground stocking them with paralyzed insects left alive. The wasp lays her eggs in the nest so when her larvae emerge they will have food.

July terrace_flooding_640
terrace flooding continues after hole drilled

Views around the new office in JingMei 景美

July DSC_6147
July DSC_6157
July DSC_6159
Jiying Temple 集應廟 on the hill behind our office in Jingmei
July DSC_6171
dead magpie chick at the door

Home improvements

July DSC_6179
kitchen shelves
July DSC_6180
bathroom shelves
July DSC00002
July DSC00005
Keywords: bird, dog, forest, home, insect, project, stream, temple, video, water
People: Philip
Locations: Garden City, 花園新城, Pristine, 精粹
Dates: 2015:06:28 - 2015:07:31