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Dryer repair IMAG0027
台熱牌 TCD 5.5NW dryer
Dryer repair IMAG0036
台熱牌 TCD 5.5NW 台熱牌萬里晴乾衣機

The dryer is not blowing hot air through the rotating drum. Clothes are hot and humid, but not dry.

Dryer repair IMAG0034
台熱牌 TCD 5.5NW dryer
Dryer repair IMAG0017
heating elements assembly
Dryer repair IMAG0021
blower motor (failed?)
Dryer repair GOPR1837
capacitor box
Dryer repair IMAG0022
drum motor capacitor OK
Dryer repair IMAG0025
blower motor capacitor has failed

The two motors share a dual capacitor unit. The starting capacitor for the fan blower has failed, but the starting coil of the motor is also an open circuit.

Dryer repair IMAG0039
broken switch lever
Dryer repair IMAG0043
steel wire in epoxy
Dryer repair IMAG0047
switch reassembled
Dryer repair IMAG0051
switch reinstalled

The plastic lever of the door switch has also broken.

Dryer repair DSC_8319
blower motor in cage
Dryer repair DSC_8320
fan blower motor
Dryer repair DSC_8334
motor thermal fuse replaced
Dryer repair DSC_8337
epoxy wire strain relief
Dryer repair DSC_8338
blower motor rotor

The thermal fuse inside the motor has also blown. This fuse cuts power to the motor when the temperature exceeds 100C to prevent fire. The motor had probably overheated when power was applied, but the starting capacitor was not available to provide a starting pulse to start the motor.

Dryer repair DSC_8340
dual capacitor connector
Dryer repair DSC_8343
replacement capacitor connected

A new 3µF capacitor is externally connected to the capacitor harness.

Dryer repair DSC_8344
capacitor assembly installed
Dryer repair DSC_8345
heater and blower rear panel reassembled
Dryer repair DSC_8347
heater and blower rear panel reassembled
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Locations: Garden City, 花園新城
Dates: 2016:09:09 - 2016:09:17