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November DSC_9440
before vinegar treatment
November DSC_9448
Xindian station 捷運新店站
November DSC_9453
Xindian station 捷運新店站
November DSC_8138
basil harvest
November DSC_9454
garage meeting
November DSC_9456
November DSC_9459
November DSC_9465
the two arm halves are about 85 + 115 cm
November DSC_9469
roller brackets and bearings and hand crank arm
November DSC_9479
mortar working tools
November DSC_9481
roughly 20-25 meters of 2 cm rope
November DSC_9483
working from home
November DSC_9496
the awning tarp is 360 cm wide
November P1080448
Christopher with Sprint
Keywords: dog, project, stuff
People: Christopher
Dates: 2016:10:30 - 2016:11:21