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Workshop to build a spiral at James and Erika's plot

Spiral DSC_7905
Spiral DSC_7907
Lovely shot of one of the participants
Spiral DSC_7909
Talking about sheet mulching
Spiral DSC_7913
Ziggy working on the dood's spiral
Spiral DSC_7231
James and Jeremy leveling the raised area before building the spiral
Spiral DSC_7233
The spiral continues to be built up
Spiral DSC_7239
Discussing spiral fengshui
Spiral DSC_7241
The Plot in full operation
Spiral DSC_7243
Spiral taking shape
Spiral DSC_7245
Working with wet cardboard to start the sheet mulch process
Spiral DSC_7246
Tammy keeps an eye on both spirals being built.
Spiral DSC_7248
Two spirals being built.
Spiral DSC_7250
Higher and higher
Spiral DSC_7252
Erika in the kitchen
Spiral DSC_7253
Salad being prepared for lunch.
Spiral DSC_7254
The art of drystacking
Spiral 12970856_10153383902502665_3268126991635195350_o
Spiral DSC_7255
On offer
Spiral DSC_7257
The chef
Spiral DSC_7258
Spiral DSC_7259
Erika and James getting lunch ready
Spiral 12973397_10153383902777665_6110105922392800499_o
Spiral 12983883_10153383901957665_2468831651073901334_o
Spiral 12983906_10153383901732665_7683209439532556835_o
Spiral 13029457_10153383901832665_5010336127454787438_o
Spiral 13029551_10153383901627665_2164114071586915754_o
Spiral 13041362_10153383902112665_7218392886896461763_o
Spiral DSC_7260
James and Erika time out while we finish up the spiral
Spiral DSC_7264
Almost finished
Spiral DSC_7267
Lunch finally
Spiral 13048181_10153383901547665_5205037284555079444_o
Spiral DSC_7268
finished spiral, Luke in the background
Spiral DSC_7270
Another view of the garden
Spiral DSC_7271
Lots growing on
Spiral DSC_7272
Tomato plant
Spiral DSC_7274
Spiral DSC_7275
Longer shot of the keyholes
Spiral DSC_7276
Freshly planted polyculture
Spiral DSC_7277
Bed of beets

visit to Mariane's plot

Spiral IMAG0073
At Marian's plot
Spiral IMAG0074
Visit to Marian's plot down the road from James'

Guangxing 廣興 recovering from last year's typhoons

Spiral DSC_7278
Guangxing 廣興 and the rising river
Spiral DSC_7279
Guangxing 廣興
Spiral DSC_7280
Guangxing and cat with attitude
Keywords: dog, garden
People: Erika, Felt, Jeremy, Liezel, Luke, Marian, Tammy, Ziggy
Locations: Garden City Garden, 新城花園, Guishan, 龜山
Date: 2016:04:16