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At home

New year DSC_9908
New year DSC_9910
Centipede captured
New year DSC_9918
fault in broken LED\USB board power wire
New year DSC_9931
resoldered and waterproofed
New year DSC_8170
Ginger and 糯米辣椒
New year DSC_8172
Weiwei the seed carrier
New year DSC_9933
reinstalled in Leafhopper
New year DSC_8204
home lettuce
New year DSC_8205
home lettuce
New year DSC_8206
New year DSC_9947
wrong thrust washers packed

Jinguashi 金瓜石 survey

New year DSC_8209
New year DSC_8210
New year DSC_8212
New year DSC_8297
home lettuce

Singer Disc-o-matic II 298 勝家七巧 縫紉機 298型

New year IMAG0006
specifications label
New year IMAG0010
view from bottom
New year IMAG0019
maintenance cover removed
New year IMAG0021
model 298

Garden City composting workshop

New year IMAG0031
New year IMAG0032
composting workshop
New year IMAG0033
composting workshop
New year IMAG0034
composting workshop
New year 16491509_1432793920066582_1640364445_o
New year 16522414_1432793923399915_1055608914_o
New year 16523340_1432793890066585_512455541_o
New year 16523543_1432793950066579_1926182066_o
New year 16523620_1432793886733252_1923625397_o
New year 16593699_1432793910066583_833971948_o

Around Garden City

New year Lanxi_2017-02-11
solid waste alarm
New year GOPR2171_640x360
Cherry blossom snappers
New year DSC_0139
New year DSC_8375
storm waterfall
New year DSC_8383
Nanji's shed
New year DSC_8386
road to Nanji's shed
New year DSC_8388
New year DSC_8389
Keywords: beach, building, dog, garden, insect, pollution, project, road, stuff, video
People: Philip, Roland
Locations: Fulung, 福隆, Garden City, 花園新城, Garden City Garden, 新城花園
Dates: 2017:01:06 - 2017:02:27