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At home

August IMAG6291
garden post house repairs
August IMAG6301
Yellow Biquinho Pepper
August IMAG6304
naranjillas and tamarillos from the home garden

Gainesville turkey

August MVI_0005_1280x720
turkey in Gainesville (video)

Typhoon Lekima

August IMAG6307
Typhoon Lekima sets off mushroom bloom
August IMAG6308
prepped for light typhoon
August IMAG6310
the next morning of the mushrooms
August IMAG6312
everything off the walls and on the ground
August IMAG6313
tender plants in the house
August IMAG6314
tall plant ready to be brought in if necessary
August IMAG6315
August IMAG6316
August IMAG6317
lemon, 紅心細葉酪梨 avocado, 福木 fruit
August VIDEO0099_854x480
Lanxi stream 蘭溪 after typhoon Lekima 利奇馬 (video)
August IMAG6320
Lanxi Creek after Typhoon Lekima
August IMAG6321
Lanxi stream 蘭溪
August VIDEO0100_854x480
Lanxi stream 蘭溪 after typhoon Lekima 利奇馬 (video)
August IMAG6323
Upper picnic/gathering area next to Lanxi river
August IMAG6324
Stand of bamboo next to creek
August IMAG6325
Nutrient cycling speeds up afte typhoos
August IMAG6326
Loose leaves blown from the trees
August VIDEO0101_854x480
Lanxi stream 蘭溪 after typhoon Lekima 利奇馬 (video)
August VIDEO0102_854x480
Lanxi stream 蘭溪 after typhoon Lekima 利奇馬 (video)
August IMAG6329
Typhoon rains spur fungus growth

At home

August IMAG6340
newly cleared land next to house
August IMG_20190825_140119_6
dogs in Lanxi stream 蘭溪
August IMG_20190825_150516_5
August IMAG6418
August IMAG6421
frog at home
August IMAG6422
frog at home
Keywords: bird, butterfly, dog, flower, fruit, garden, home, insect, mushroom, plant, reptile, stream, tree, typhoon, video
People: Philip
Locations: Garden City, 花園新城
Dates: 2019:08:03 - 2019:08:28