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Developing the space next to the house

March IMAG5367
March IMAG5368
March IMAG5369
March IMAG5372
March IMAG5373
March IMAG5400
Seeds at the Redroom
March IMG_20190312_120807_6
Water seeping under the paint from above

Dadaoshan 大刀山 birdwatching hike

March IMG_20190317_091753_8
view of Wulai 烏來 from Dadaoshan 大刀山
March IMG_20190317_093412_3
tral erosion control

Short birdwatching walk with Peter and Jared Keyes from Wulai 烏來 up Dadaoshan 大刀山 then down the Neidong Forest Road 內洞林道 to the Xiaoyi Police Station 烏玉檢查哨 and back to Wulai 烏來 along the road

Gardening around the house

March IMAG5417
March IMAG5420
March IMAG5421
March IMAG5423
March IMAG5424
March IMAG5427
March IMAG5428
March IMAG5429
March IMAG5430
March IMAG5431
March IMAG5433
March IMAG5434
March IMAG5436
March IMAG5437
March IMAG5438
March IMAG5439
March IMG_20190321_123146_0
east side decorative alcove
March IMAG5443
cedar products seller at the bus stop
March IMAG5444
March IMAG5446
cedar products
March IMG_20190323_134042_7
March IMG_20190329_104814_1CS
water sneaking across the bedroom floor
March IMAG5462
suitcases on the bus

Monitoring the leak at home

March road-seven-water-control
roof-top plumbing
March IMG_20190403_091844_7
dental check up
March IMG_20190407_123835_7
water tank emptied
March IMG_20190407_132922_0
water leak from above
March IMG_20190407_132942_8
problematic east wall
March IMG_20190407_154316_1
tank refilled with 3000 liters
Keywords: flower, home, insect, seed, trail, tree
Dates: 2019:03:02 - 2019:04:07