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At home

October IMAG6725
Material collected from our surroundings
October IMAG6743
October IMAG6751
October IMAG6753
Paper mulberry bark
October IMAG6756
Patricia removing the bark from the paper mulberry
October IMAG6758
Harvested paper mulberry bark
October IMAG6760
Solanum colors
October IMAG6866
Productive time in the home garden
October IMAG6867
October IMAG6893
bitter melon

World Music Festival

October IMAG6894
Sugar palm 山棕 fruit
October IMAG6898
Playing with plant materials
October IMAG6899
Wendy and Kitty
October IMAG6903
Wendy and Kitty
October IMAG6904
Wendy and Kitty
October IMAG6905
World Music Festival
October IMAG6906
World Music Festival
October IMAG6908
World Music Festival
October IMAG6913
World Music Festival
October IMAG6915
World Music Festival

Guangxing garden 廣興園地

October IMAG6919
Before Tammy takes over the Guangxing garden
October IMAG6920
October IMAG6922
October IMAG6924
October IMAG6926
Hidden grapes
October IMAG6927
Covered beds...
October IMAG6928
October IMAG6931
October IMAG6932
October IMAG6933
Weed-wacking begins
October IMAG6935
James at work wacking the weeds
October IMAG6936
October IMAG6937
October IMAG6938
October IMAG6939
October IMAG6940
October IMAG6941
October IMAG6944
October IMAG6945
October IMAG6946

At home

October IMAG6947
Beets, broccoli, lettuce and onion in the home garden
October IMAG6972
Wild leguminous plant
October IMAG6976
October IMAG6978
October IMAG6980
Natural patterns
Keyword: fruit
People: Kitty, Tammy, Wendy
Dates: 2019:09:27 - 2019:10:29