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at home

December 20201203_103826
rice hulls and coffee bags loaded
December 20201204_113213
evolving home headquarters
December IMG_20201205_095614_0
mouse repair
December IMG_20201229_080927_3
mouse repair

Xinkang hike reunion pizza celebration in the rain at Mick's

December IMG_20201205_195446_9
Mick's landlord visits
December IMG_20201205_195617_3
December IMG_20201205_195903_9
Wendy and Bruce
December IMG_20201205_200653_8
pizza at Mick's
December IMG_20201205_200719_3
pizza chef
December IMG_20201205_200722_6
Mick and Bruce
December IMG_20201205_200736_2
Wendy and Kitty

Visit DJ Jack at Zabu

December 129758600_10164527802540113_3535010966063568311_n
at Zabu
December 129776771_10164527801915113_1686664767210817135_n
at Zabu
December 129955344_10164527802465113_1865115363234504529_n
at Zabu
December 130191233_10224084466595906_5744052699036534615_n
Jack DJ-ing
December 129722218_10164527802595113_534093620379151627_n
at Zabu
December 129534492_10164527801375113_4351513919951318233_n
at Zabu

at home

December IMG_20200812_144823_5
celing fan motor speed control chain broken
December IMG_20201130_101355_2
broken pull chain inside swich
December IMG_20201130_101800_7
ceiling fan
December IMG_20201204_092805_4
disassembled fan motor switch
December IMG_20201206_125700_2
motor speed switch wiring
December 20201206_131257

A work session at the No. 4 Park in Yonghe/Zhonghe

December Pc_workshop_me_esther_ho
December Pc_workshop_me_esther_ho2
December Pc_workshop_me_esther_ho3
December Pc_workshop_me_esther_ho4
December Pc_workshop_me_esther_ho5
December Pc_workshop_me_esther_ho6
December Pc_workshop_me_esther_ho7
December Pc_workshop_me_esther_ho8

at home

December IMG_20201209_161823_5
tree preserved in the new Guanghua computer market
December IMG_20201210_210230_3

Mammal book entry for Crab-eating Mongoose

December 20201212_114337
December 20201212_114409
December 20201212_114430
December 20201212_114445

Grassland 雜草町 Opening Day

December 20201212_190317
Grassland 雜草町
December 20201212_193146
Grassland 雜草町
December 20201212_193214
The creators of Grassland 雜草町 have penned their philosophy and made it a part of their menus.
December 20201212_193319
The menu offerings of Grassland 雜草町
December 20201212_193434
Service offerings of Grassland 雜草町
December 20201212_193515
More poetic thoughts about weeds and contact info for Grassland 雜草町
December 20201212_195455
Weed-inspired art of Grassland 雜草町
December 20201212_195534
Weed-inspired art of Grassland 雜草町
December 20201212_195549
Weed-inspired art of Grassland 雜草町
December 20201212_195600
Weed-inspired art of Grassland 雜草町
December 20201212_195632
Weed-inspired art of Grassland 雜草町

at home

December 20201213_101321
December 20201213_101423
December 20201213_111700
Bajiao pancakes with whole wheat and almond flour and oat meal
December 20201213_133244

Guangxing garden 廣興園地

December 20201213_142005
December 20201213_142009
December 20201213_142019
December 20201213_143931
December 20201213_144053
December 20201214_203234
December 20201215_091510
December 20201216_111307
December 20201218_101748
December 20201218_102004
December 20201218_102018
December 20201218_102052
December 20201218_102126
December 20201218_102129
December 20201218_102227

at home

December IMG_20201218_231230_1
degrading power supply cables
December 20201221_132344
December VID_20201221_152842_0012-978x550
Road 7 from above (video)
December 20201226_093508
December 20201226_093628
December 20201226_095331
cleaning turmeric

Guangxing garden 廣興園地

December DSC_2494
Intermediate egret
December DSC_2500
Great egret
December IMG_20201226_163129_0011
Guangxing garden 廣興園地 from above
December IMG_20201226_163326_0017
planting beds reframed
December IMG_20201226_163359_0020
both plots
December IMG_20201226_163415_0021
Guangxing garden 廣興園地 from above
December IMG_20201226_163453_0023
Qingtan Weir 青潭堰
December IMG_20201226_163502_0024
big bend area in the Xindian River
December IMG_20201226_163534_0026
Guangxing garden 廣興園地
December IMG_20201226_163702_0028
new garden area from above
December IMG_20201226_163758_0029
Guangxing garden 廣興園地
December IMG_20201226_164039_0035
new plot
December IMG_20201226_164108_0041
New plot with bananas, bajiaos, lemon grass, papaya, loquat and sweet potato leaves, tomatoes, beets, lettuce, zucchini, cabbage, potatoes

at home

December 20201228_142010
December 20201228_150016
December 20201228_150328
Keywords: aerial, bird, building, dam, farming, fire, garden, project, repair, river, tree, vehicle, video
People: Bruce, Jack, Kitty, Mick, Peter, Philip, Tammy, Wendy
Locations: Garden City, 花園新城, Guangxing, 廣興
Dates: 2020:12:03 - 2020:12:28