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Reviving a rusted square spade into a pointed shovel

February IMG_20230205_112048_6
February IMG_20230205_143444_9

Measuring the feet for the future garden table

February IMG_20230208_110001_3
February IMG_20230208_110026_8
February IMG_20230208_110551_6
February IMG_20230208_110632_2
February IMG_20230208_110747_1

Construction site from above

February IMG_20230208_125201_0010
Construction site
February IMG_20230208_125230_0015
Construction site
February IMG_20230208_125257_0019
Construction site
February IMG_20230208_125420_0027
Construction site
Keyword: aerial
Locations: Garden City, 花園新城
Dates: 2023:02:05 - 2023:02:08