FuShan River Trip, June 29, 2003
Philip and Bruce
June Fushan 821
June Fushan 823
spider detail
June Fushan 825
June Fushan 827 June Fushan 826 June Fushan 830 June Fushan 831
climbing down from the Hapen trail to the NanShiXi
June Fushan 832 June Fushan 833 June Fushan 836
June Fushan 838 June Fushan 839
e-fishing refuse
June Fushan 840-843
June Fushan 845 June Fushan 848
confluence of NanShiXi 南勢溪
and YaKongXi 軋孔溪
June Fushan 851

We arrive in FuShan (幅山) about 7:30 AM. We hike east along the NanShiXi (南勢溪) towards Hapen (哈盆) about one hour, before dropping down to the river along a rocky washed out steep dry stream bed. Down at the stream about 9:30, we change into river hiking gear. We hike and swim back to the village of Fushan, arriving back at our car at about 1:30.

July 872 July 869
spider detail
July 859
HsinTian MRT terminus
Hike up to DaTongShan 大通山 - with all four dogs 7/5


FuShan River Trip, July 6
Philip, Tammy and Bruce
July 875
River-side Incineration
July 877
starting point (E)
July 876
and West (down stream)
July 883
July 888

A half-day river walk down the NanShiXi 南勢溪 east of FuShan 幅山 on July 6 with Bruce, Philip and Tammy. We start out from the FuShan bridge 幅山吊橋 (300071 2741847) at 8:15 and walk in further (east) than last week along the HaPen 哈盆 trail, coming down to the river just before the first major stream crossing, and starting down the river at 10:30 (302929 2740716). There are many bees - along the forest path and along the river in dry sandy areas. Both Bruce and Philip are stung. There are more people, mostly fishermen, in the river and trash than we have ever seen. The water is a few inches lower than last week. In the river we see the Brown Dipper 河烏 Cinclus pallasii, Plumbeous Water-Redstart 鉛色水鶇 Rhyacornis fuliginosus and Formosan Whistling-Thrush 紫嘯鶇 Myiophonus insularis. We also see the Grey-chinned Minivet 紅山椒鳥 Pericrocotus solaris, Large-billed Crow 巨嘴鴉 Corvus macrorhynchos, Muller's Barbet 五色鳥 Megalaima oorti, Black Bulbul 紅嘴黑鵯 Hypsipetes madagascariensis and Crested Serpent-Eagle 大冠鷲 Spilornis cheela.


FuShan River Trip, July 13
Philip and Bruce
FuShan 898
FuShan bridge 幅山吊橋
FuShan 899
KaLaMoJi hiking map
FuShan 900
HaPen restricted area
FuShan 901
no littering
FuShan 902 FuShan 905
XiaPen 下盆 weather station
FuShan 906 FuShan 907
down to the river
FuShan 911
FuShan 913
FuShan 915-919 FuShan 921

In three consecutive weekends we have hiked the complete length of the NanShiXi 南勢溪 from above the weather station down to the FuShan bridge 幅山吊橋. Rainfall was below average making the river easy to hike. The dry weather brought out bees and wasps.

FuShan fushan_river_map 3000712741847FuShan bridge 幅山吊橋
30292927407167/5 start (on river)
3030332740890first stream
3036182740788XiaPen 下盆 weather station
30449127403727/13 start
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