Fushan DSC_6052
down to the river at about 1.4k in dry rocky stream bed, 10:15 AM
Fushan DSC_6054
down to the river, view up the stream bed
Fushan DSC_6057
Fushan DSC_6059
wild tomatoe
Fushan DSC_6060
Fushan DSC_6066
Fushan DSC_6067
quick snack before heading downstream
Fushan DSC_6069
Fushan DSC_6071
Fushan DSC_6072
Fushan DSC_6074
Fushan DSC_6076
Fushan DSC_6078
Fushan DSC_6080
Fushan DSC_6082
Fushan DSC_6084
Fushan DSC_6085
Fushan DSC_6087
upstream, 12:15
Fushan DSC_6089
upstream, 12:30
Fushan DSC_6092
Fushan DSC_6093
Fushan DSC_6097
Fushan DSC_6100
Russ and Daphne watch Greg skirt the cliff
Fushan DSC_6102
Daphne supervises, Russ spots, Greg jumps
Fushan DSC_6104
at the beach, 2 PM
Fushan DSC_6105
Fushan DSC_6106
Fushan DSC_6108
Fushan DSC_6110
Greg demonstrates the Formosan crawl
Fushan DSC_6112
stream flower
Fushan DSC_6119
trail head rapids
Fushan DSC_6120
Fushan DSC_6130
Fushan DSC_6134
Fushan DSC_6135
walking through clearcut fields

We pick up Daphne at the subway station at 7:00 AM under stormy skies. The police at the check point in Xinxian 信賢 cannot issue us a mountain permit to enter the Fushan 福山 area because Taiwan island is still under a Typhoon alert as typhoon Molave 颱風莫拉菲 passes south of Taiwan. We wait at the police station as an impatient mob grows. At 8:30 the typhoon warning is lifted and all mountain permits are issued.

Fushan village is located in the Hapen Nature Reserve 哈盆自然保留區 and the Takuanshan Forest Reserve 達觀山自然保護區. It located at the confluence of the Daluolan stream 大羅蘭溪, Zhakong stream 札孔溪 and Nanshih 南勢溪 and hosts the trailheads to Hapen trail 哈盆古道 or Kalamoji 卡拉莫基, FuBa trail (Fushan to Baling pass) 巴福越嶺 and the trail to North ChaTian Mountain 北插天山. The Atayal chieftain Yatai Bunadai 亞維.布納帶 founded the village Sha-ya-kong 札亞孔 in the late 18th century in this place where the fish of the steams where plentiful and the animals of the forest abundant. The Japanese colonists called the place a fortunate mountain 一座有福氣的山 for its rich camphor stands and the name was simplified to Fushan 福山.

We park at the higher trail at the head of the stairs and hike east toward Hapen 舊哈盆部落 following the Nanshixi 南勢溪 stream from the Fushan 福山 Atayal settlement of Kalamoji 卡拉莫基 (qlang krmut). There see only a few fisher folk on the river, likely dissuaded by the threatening storm. The water level is still low. This short two-hour section turns out to be a short, easy and beautiful stretch.

Keyword: frog
People: Daphne, Greg, Philip, Russ
Date: 2009:07:18