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link to Hanbilou album
link to January album
link to XiKeng Trail album
XiKeng Trail
link to Lapu Mountain hike album
Lapu Mountain hike
link to February album
link to Xiongkong 熊空 hike album
Xiongkong 熊空 hike
link to Tribal Angels album
Tribal Angels
link to energy efficient home in Taoyuan album
energy efficient home in Taoyuan
link to March album
link to Kuai Shan 檜山 album
Kuai Shan 檜山
link to Earth Day album
Earth Day
link to Spring album
link to Fushan with Browns album
Fushan with Browns
link to Summer album
link to Neihu Indigenous Eco-Culture Park album
Neihu Indigenous Eco-Culture Park
link to Huashan 華山 album
Huashan 華山
link to Kaohsiung 高雄 album
Kaohsiung 高雄
link to Fushan 福山 album
Fushan 福山
link to Vermont and Ohio album
Vermont and Ohio
link to Fushan album
link to Miaoli 苗栗 album
Miaoli 苗栗
link to Fushan with Xiaofan album
Fushan with Xiaofan
link to Julong 巨龍溫泉 with Dan album
Julong 巨龍溫泉 with Dan
link to Zhitan mountain 直潭山 album
Zhitan mountain 直潭山
link to September album
link to Tucheng 土城 album
Tucheng 土城
link to Pajama Protest album
Pajama Protest
link to XiKeng album
link to October album
link to AnBaoJian Mtn 暗寶劍山 album
AnBaoJian Mtn 暗寶劍山
link to December album
link to hike to Datong mountain 大桶山 album
hike to Datong mountain 大桶山
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