Hanbilou 涵碧樓 survey, January 17, 9:30-10AM

Hanbilou 14225
Looking northwest from park in front of Hanbilou, over water drainage ditch
Hanbilou 14234
steps to the right of the building lead down to the area to the side and back
Hanbilou 14238
steps leading down to driveway
Hanbilou 14240
Patricia walking down the driveway leading to site
Hanbilou 14241
driveway connecting to sloped area
Hanbilou 14243
Seeded area covered with net tarp
Hanbilou 14244
Hanbilou 14245
Hanbilou 14246
far right edge looking down, drainage ditch to the right
Hanbilou 14248
Looking back up the slope and driveway
Hanbilou 14250
Peter and Patricia take in the scene; existing trees mostly kept after land filled in with rubble and sandy topsoil
Hanbilou 14257
Rubble composition below the site
Hanbilou 14263
longer view of flatter area of site
Hanbilou 14265
some original vegetation survives
Hanbilou 14267
signs of erosion even before any heavy rains
Hanbilou 14270
More edge erosion
Hanbilou 14271
beautiful flowering Spider Flower 醉蝶花 Cleome spinosa
Hanbilou 14274
gardener attempted to plant small bushes on edge
Hanbilou 14279
Natural growth, in adjacent undisturbed area only cut back a few times a year
Hanbilou 14280
Mix of typical pioneers and other natives
Hanbilou 14282
Bamboo creeping in
Hanbilou 14284
Hanbilou 14289
Near the huolongguo we noticed some run-off (pollution?)
Hanbilou 14290
Hanbilou 14293
where the slope levels off some and where the site's main water source is on the building
Hanbilou 14294
another view down the drainage ditch leading to forest with garden plot adjacent

Return to the site in April 2009

Hanbilou 14987
Return to site after three months in April looking down from Patricia's place
Hanbilou 14988
More watering, fertilizer and seeds still not working on the slope
Hanbilou 14990
Hanbilou 14992
Hanbilou 14998
Some regrowth, lots of chemical fertilizer and signs of eutrophication
Hanbilou 15000
Hanbilou 15003
watered area fairing worse than less watered areas
Hanbilou 15006
serious erosion of the slope; gardener has added new soil and tried to seed again
Hanbilou 15007
water pump/septic?
Hanbilou 15008
Sand/silt washed down from the slope
Hanbilou 15369
making seed balls - Patricia and Suzi

After six months, the community finally decides to try permaculture with our first seed ball making event.

Hanbilou 15372
Patricia holds home-made A-frame level used to map contours
Hanbilou 15374
we put in our first terracing line along the contour

Return to the site March 14, 2010

Hanbilou 15400_A570_0524
bird's-eye view of restored slope 3/14/2010 (top)
Hanbilou 15400_A570_0525
bird's-eye view of restored slope (bottom)
Hanbilou 15400_A570_0526
well-used (not necessarily used well) compost tumbler
Hanbilou 15400_A570_0527
whole tangerines are removed to the nearby forest (cleave and toss instructions needed)
Hanbilou 15400_A570_0529
another view of tumbler
Hanbilou 15400_A570_0530
slope top side view
Hanbilou 15400_A570_0531
side view looking toward adjacent farm/garden
Hanbilou 15400_A570_0532
dog path to the forest below
Hanbilou 15400_A570_0533
stable back area, dog path at bottom edge
Hanbilou 15400_A570_0535
planned vertical garden area
Hanbilou 15400_A570_0536
more planned vertical garden area
Hanbilou 15400_A570_0537
endemic 茄苳Bisxhofia javanica Blume trees recently planted along edge
Hanbilou 15400_A570_0538
other low bushed (osmanthus) and Taiwan cypress along bottom edge
Hanbilou 15400_A570_0539
Patricia monitors the site's changes; papayas and dragon fruit planted slightly more inward.
Hanbilou 15400_A570_0541
trap to catch?
Hanbilou 15400_A570_0543
looking up restored slope area
Keywords: flower, permaculture
Locations: New Garden City, 花園新城
People: Patricia