XiKeng 16943
Triangle Skimmer, Lesser Blue Skimmer, Libellula melania 鼎脈蜻蜓 Orthetrum triangulare
XiKeng 16945
XiKeng 16948
XiKeng 16951
Leopard Spot 黃三線蝶 Symbrenthia hypselis scatinia
XiKeng 16952
XiKeng 16954
XiKeng 16955
elder 冇骨消(蒴翟) Sambucus formosana Nakai
XiKeng 16960
Dan, Jonathan, Tammy
XiKeng 16963
Formosan Piedwing 中華珈蟌 (北台亞種) Psolodesmus mandarinus mandarinus (male)
XiKeng 16968
XiKeng 16971
Stejneger's grass lizard 蓬萊草蜥 Takydromus stejnegeri
XiKeng 16975
snake with legs
XiKeng 16979
相鄰小孔菌 Microporus affinis
XiKeng 16980
washed out road facing
XiKeng 16982
XiKeng 16984
XiKeng 16987
XiKeng 16995
Formosan Jewelwing 白痣珈蟌 Matrona cyanoptera, female 雌 endemic 台灣特有種
XiKeng 16996
Formosan Jewelwing 白痣珈蟌 Matrona cyanoptera, male 雄 endemic 台灣特有種
XiKeng 16999
XiKeng 17002
XiKeng 17006
XiKeng 17008
XiKeng 17009
Tammy and Jonathan
XiKeng 17014
XiKeng 17017
stream through the forest
XiKeng 17019
XiKeng 17020
XiKeng 17021
grass seed
XiKeng 17025
Leopard Spot 黃三線蝶 Symbrenthia hypselis scatinia
XiKeng 17027
Jonathan and Tammy
XiKeng 17028
abruptly-bulbous agaricus 球莖蘑菇 Agaricus ?abruptibulbus
XiKeng dan_6415
Spangle 黑鳳蝶/黑鳳蝶 Papilio protenor (photo by Dan)
XiKeng dan_6444
Philip in front of Yellow rattan palm 黃藤 Daemonorops margaritae (photo by Dan)
XiKeng dan_6445
Jonathan (photo by Dan)
XiKeng dan_6447
natural monster (photo by Dan)
XiKeng dan_6452
traveler resting on mushroom (photo by Dan)
We report our hike at the Wu-Yu police check point 烏玉檢查哨, turn off of the Tonghou forest Road 桶后林道 in Xiaoyi 孝義, and follow the XiKeng Forest Road 西坑林道 along the A-Yu stream 阿玉溪 southward with Jonathan who is completing his program at ZhengDa 政治大學.

The path is clearly along a road bed and there are even a few road sides along the way. The road was designated highway 9A (9甲) once connecting Shuangshikou 雙溪口 near the entrance of the Fushan Botanical Garden Preserve 福山植物園 and continuing generally north almost twenty kilometers to XiaoYi 孝義 just east of Wulai 烏來 in southern Taipei county where is would be the extension of the 9A (9甲) from QingTan 青潭 to Wulai 烏來, popularly called Xinwu road 新烏路. The middle section of highway 9A, which is no longer open, crosses the HsuehShan Range 雪山山脈 and the Fushan Botanical Garden Preserve 福山植物園保護區. The road was opened at the close of the Japanese era for military support and was later named the XiKeng Forest Road 西坑林道. It was once used by trucks, but after years of disuse and natural catastrophes, many sections of the road bed have washed away. Motorcycles can drive in about two kilometers to a large slide which wiped out a stream drainage in the 2008 typhoon season.

The ground and forest is unusually dry after weeks without significant rain. We don't notice so many birds but the air is rich with butterflies and dragonflies. The elder are fruiting red berries.

Keywords: butterfly, dragonfly, flower, fruit
Locations: Xiaoyi, 孝義
People: Philip