New Garden City 花園新城, 10/23 - 11/14

Fall 22996
Common Mapwing 石牆蝶 Cyrestis thyodamas
Fall 23111
sculpture on the way down our stairs
Fall 23136
Night Blooming Cereus (Queen of the Night) 曇花 (tan2hua1) 花苞 Epiphyllum oxypetalum (DC.) Haw
Fall 23138
web of power
Fall 23201
neighbor dogs walking on the forest path
Fall 23223
Aralia bipinnata 裡白?木(台灣?木)
Fall 23224
Silver grass, Sword grass 五節芒 Miscanthus floridulus (Labill.) Warb. ex S.& L.
Fall 23225
台灣黃藤 Calamus formosanus Becc

more information about rattan palm 腾 Calamus:

Municipal elections in Taipei bring out flags

Fall 23510
Bushiban Pub
Fall 23527
Fall 23532
municipal election flags
Fall 23561
Fall 23564
Fall 23565

Formosan blue magpie 台灣藍鵲 Urocissa caerulea

Fall 23642
Formosan blue magpie 台灣藍鵲 Urocissa caerulea

Visit to RongZe's plot and apartment in XinXian 信賢

Fall 23647
Entering Rong-ze's garden plot
Fall 23649
Fall 23650
Fall 23651
Fall 23652
Fall 23654
start of an herb patch
Fall 23655
path down to the river
Fall 23657
Fall 23658
place to dip your toes above a cascading waterfall
Fall 23659
cascading waterfall upstream
Fall 23662
planted lintou
Fall 23664
back at the garden plot to collect sweet potato leaves and other vegetables
Fall 23666
Zisu, at the end of its season and maybe a bit nutritionally deficient
Fall 23667
Rong-ze collecting leafy vegetables for dinner
Fall 23668
collecting veggies
Fall 23670
seed head of a locally edible grass
Fall 23671
Address of Rong-ze's place in Xinxian
Fall 23675
We enjoy a nice pot of tea

New Garden City 花園新城, 11/29 - 12/13

Fall 23687
Fall 23694
Fall 23699
treating power insulators
Fall 23736
Spoonleaf Kalanchoe 倒吊蓮 Kalanchoe spathulata (Poir.) DC.
Fall 23970
Starfruit in Wenzhou neighborhood
Fall 23975
cat on the stairs down from the house
Fall 23977
Sunset from @Peace Cafe
Fall 24007
Fall 24008
Edible giant, purple-stemmed taro and non-edible elephant's ear, 姑婆芋 Alocasia macrorrhiza
Fall 24013
Fall 24014
Fall 24018
fruit sellers leaving, work on circle building
Fall 24020
forest path
Fall 24021
Fall 24022
a new side path
Fall 24026
Fall 24027
forest farming

Paul's plot in NGC

Fall 24030
Paul's plot in NGC
Fall 24031
Paul at his plot in NGC

Bunun 布農 Pumpkin grown at the Hanbilou 涵碧樓 permaculture project

Fall 24035
Fruit of our labor - Bunun pumpkin - Hanbilou permaculture project

photos from home, 12/18 - 1/2

Fall 24037
Baboo in the Girl Scout field
Fall 24051
Fall 24052
retired NGC water treatment plant
Fall 24053
Rd 10 from above
Fall 24054
Salad fixins - nasturtium flowers, dandelion, lettuce and parsley
Fall 24060
Formosan Whistling-Thrush 台灣紫嘯鶇 Myophonus insularis dressed for cold
Fall 24136
second home bean harvest
Keywords: bird, butterfly, flower, permaculture, plant
People: Rongze, Tammy
Locations: Home, 家, Wulai, 烏來
Dates: 2010:10:23 - 2011:01:02