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February A570_007
test shot with Tammy's new Canon Powershot A570 IS
February A570_064
February A570_065
February A570_066
February A570_068
February A570_069
February A570_070
February A570_074
February A570_076
Mindy and Kevin
February A570_079
February A570_083
February A570_093
February A570_094
February A570_097
February A570_100
February A570_101
February A570_104
February A570_109
February A570_112
February A570_115
February A570_120
February A570_122
February A570_190
February A570_191
February A570_192
February A570_193
February A570_194
February A570_195
February A570_196
February A570_197
February A570_198
February A570_199

Dates: 2010:01:15 - 2010:02:21