January 17817
Tammy hanging laundry on the terrace
January 17820
January 17822
second bedroom
January 17835
Taiwan maple near our place
January 17840
Mimi checks construction
January 17842
wall gardens
January 17848
maple leaves
January 17855
Tammy crossing the Girls Scouts' field
January 17857
Recycling station near SongDe
January 17859
Taipei 101
January 17862
subway construction along XinYi Rd 信義路 looking West
January 17864
Taipei 101, looking East along XinYi Rd 信義路
January 17950
mid-winter garden on west corner
January 17951
swiss chard, beets, lettuce, comfrey, parsley and peppers
January 17952
January 17955
giant dandelion plant
January 17957
rosemary, nettles, basil, peppers, dandelion
January 17959
nettle flowers
January 17962
parsley bloom
January 17990
papyrus flowers
January 17992
papyrus flowers
January 17995
winter view from home terrace
January 17996
nettles and rosemary
January 17997
nettle leaves
January 18000_010
test shots wtth Powershot A570 IS
January 18000_014
January 18000_015
Elijah 1/15
January 18000_016
Baboo at home
January 18000_017
Tammy at Mary Jane's
January 18000_019
TaiDa Bamboo sculpture at night
January 18000_022
young bell pepper plant
January 18000_023
late Jan. growth
January 18000_024
Philip and rhino at Pristine
January 18000_027
Pristine basil
January 18293
January 18294
cherry blossoms 1/24
January 18296
January 18297
pregnant papaya
January 18300
window reflection
January 18301
red ivy, green wall
January 18304
visit Alan, 1/24
January 18305
construction fail
January 18306
carpeted stone
January 18307
January 18309
cherry blossoms
January 18315
Baboo, Tammy and Elijah
January 18318
Elijah passes away on 2/5
January 18323
January 18324
smiling doorway
January 18329
stairs viewed from kitchen
January 18339
Tammy going up the steps
January 18341
small landslide behind Girl Scouts camp
January 18343
flowering pineapple sage
January 18344
landlord's clown entrance above us
January 18346
clown in the cherry blossoms
January 18351
garden, full sun area
January 18352
view from kitchen
January 18353
cherry blossom carpet
January 18357
added cherry blossom color
January 18359
end of razor grass seeding
January 18361
Mimi, Lucy and Lucky on the girl scouts' field
January 18362
January 18366
January 18367
cherry trees blossom in front of our landlord's front door redesigned as the face of a clown
January 18368
January 18369
view down the stairs
January 18370
January 18371
cherry blossoms on the steps

CISA software association year-end gala

January 18375_029
entertainment by CISA staff
January 18375_030
dance number by CISA staff
January 18375_031
drinking and toasting all around
January 18375_033
gulps of red wine
January 18375_038
hiking group warms up at MRT plaza
January 18375_039
Tree huggers unite at Green Party Open Space forum
January 18375_040
January 18375_041
Open Space Technology preparations
January 18375_044
small concurrent discussion groups
January 18375_045
Aliman of the Bunun Tribe and Curator of Taidong Forest Museum
January 18375_046
Reviewing forum results
January 18375_048
traffic jam caused by cherry blossom seekers
January 18379_050
more growth in the garden - let's eat
January 18379_051
January 18379_052
January 18379_057
strawberry and sweet marjoram
January 18379_058
cherry blossoms on wall fern
January 18380
mouse guest
January 18381
hungry mouse
January 18555
bedroom shelves
January 18556
second bathroom glass shelves