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Chiyou DSC_8115
A truck crossing the center line delays our ascent for 30 mins.
Chiyou DSC_8117
The Lanyang drainage plain 蘭陽平原 planted in cabbage

Bruce, Mike and Philip meet in Taipei at 2PM on Sat 1/16 and drive to 武陵農場 on highway 7 台七 high in the Lanyang river 蘭陽溪 watershed which drains the valley separating the Central Mountains (中央山脈) from the Syue Mountains 雪山山脈 headed by Lishan 梨山 and flowing into the Lanyang Plain 蘭陽平原 the largest plain in northeastern Taiwan, home to the largest cabbage patch on the island, and focus of the rapidly developing Ilan 宜蘭 metropolis.

We park toward the top of the Farms near the Wuling Youth Center 林務局武陵山莊 and quickly cross the Wuling Suspension Bridge 武陵吊橋 at about 7:30 AM, and 1200m elevation. Four kilometers of walking brings us to the Chiyou Mountain trailhead 池有山登山口 at about 8:30 AM

Chiyou DSC_8122
2C in Wuling Farms 武陵農場 as we arrive under clear cool skies

Sunday morning after a quick breakfast at the Hoya 武陵富野渡假村 we are off to the Syue Mountain trail head 雪山登山口 close to 6AM at dawn. We are greeted by an enthusiastic photographer who interprets for the sandlsand led ranger housed in the two story wood cabin and park office at the trail head at an altitude of 2140 meters, the trail head starts on a board walk just in front of their office windows. Posted signs are clearly strict about requiring a permit to enter the park. We have mountain permits but not park permits, which required a lead time of seven days to be processed. The ranger will not let us through so we drive toward Taoshan 桃山 at the head of the park and decide to walk up to Chiyou Mountain 池有山.

Chiyou DSC_8125
First at Syue Mountain Trailhead 雪山登山口 2140m
Chiyou DSC_8128
without a park permit we look toward Taoshan 桃山

Chiyou Mountain trailhead 池有山登山口

Chiyou DSC_8131
3.5k to the Taoshan 桃山 trailhead camp site
Chiyou DSC_8132
Wuling Quadruple Mountains 武陵四秀
Chiyou DSC_8133
Wuling Quadruple Trail
Chiyou DSC_8134
a ferret? in the bins
Chiyou DSC_8136
Chiyou DSC_8137
Chiyou DSC_8138
looking south toward Zhongyangjian mtn 中央尖山 3705m
Chiyou DSC_8140
Wuling Farms 武陵農場 before the Central Mountain Range 中央山脈
Chiyou DSC_8142
Wuling Farms 武陵農場 before the Central Mountain Range 中央山脈
Chiyou DSC_8143
Taoshan (Peach mountain) 桃山 3325 m
Chiyou DSC_8144
Mike before Taoshan 桃山
Chiyou DSC_8146
Bruce before Taoshan 桃山
Chiyou DSC_8149
northern end of the Central Mountain Range 中央山脈
Chiyou DSC_8153
Bruce in front of Nanhu Mountain 南湖大山
Chiyou DSC_8155
Hsuehshan (Snow Mountain) 雪山
Chiyou DSC_8156
Chiyou DSC_8158
Bruce and Mike
Chiyou DSC_8159
Bruce and Mike in front of Hsuehshan (Snow Mountain) 雪山
Chiyou DSC_8161
Mt. Syue, (Snow Mountain) 雪山 at 3,886 m to our West is Taiwan's second highest peak.
Chiyou DSC_8162
Alishan Gentian 阿里山龍膽 Gentiana arisanensis
Chiyou DSC_8163
Central Mountain Range 中央山脈
Chiyou DSC_8164
Chiyou DSC_8165
Chiyou DSC_8166
Chiyou DSC_8168
Wuling Farms 武陵農場 before the Central Mountain Range 中央山脈
Chiyou DSC_8172
Philip and Mike recirculating
Chiyou DSC_8174
bamboo in the snow
Chiyou DSC_8175
snowy path

Crossroads Campsite 三叉口營地

Chiyou DSC_8178
Mike at a crossroads
Chiyou DSC_8180
Nanhu Mountain 南湖大山 south across the clouded in Lanyang 蘭陽 river drainage
Chiyou DSC_8181
Philip and Mike
Chiyou DSC_8182
Philip and Mike

We arrive at Sanchakou Campsite 三叉口營地 at about 12:15 PM

Chiyou DSC_8183
Chiyou DSC_8184
Chiyou DSC_8187
Chiyou DSC_8188
Chiyou DSC_8192
Bruce in front of Dabajian mtn 大霸尖山
Chiyou DSC_8193
Dabajian mtn 大霸尖山 3,492 m
Chiyou DSC_8194
Mike and Bruce make their way along the ridge
Chiyou DSC_8196
gully toward Dabajian mtn 大霸尖山
Chiyou DSC_8197
Dabajian mtn 大霸尖山

Dabajian mountain 大霸尖山 in Shei-Pa National Park 雪霸國家公園. Dabajian mtn - "Papag-wa-a" is the ancestral homeland of the Atayal and featured on the back of the 500NT note. The park area was originally inhabited by the Atayal (泰雅) and Saisiat(賽夏), the Atayal settling into areas up to 2000 meters. Shei-Pa National Park (雪霸國家公園) includes 51 peaks reaching over 3,000 meters. Mt. Syue, 1t 3,886 meters is Taiwan's second highest peak. The fractured south face inspired the Atayal to name the mountain Sekoan, meaning "broken cliffs" (岩壁的裂溝). Han Chinese settlers transliterated the sound to 雪翁山 and then simply 雪山.

Chiyou DSC_8199
Dongbajian Mountain 東霸尖山 3,360 m to our north
Chiyou DSC_8201
bamboo in the snow
Chiyou DSC_8202
Chiyou DSC_8203

Chiyou Mountain 池有山

Chiyou DSC_8205
Bruce at the peak of Chiyou mtn 池有山 3239m
Chiyou DSC_8206
Mike at the peak of Chiyou mtn 池有山 3239m in front of Pintian Mtn 品田山
Chiyou DSC_8207
Chiyou DSC_8209
Philip and Mike in front of Hsuehshan (Snow Mountain) 雪山
Chiyou DSC_8210
Bruce and Dabajian mtn 大霸尖山
Chiyou DSC_8213
Bruce and Mike in front of the Central Mountain Range 中央山脈
Chiyou DSC_8215
looking West
Chiyou DSC_8216
Mike in front of Hsuehshan (Snow Mountain) 雪山
Chiyou DSC_8217
Wuling Farms 武陵農場 before the Central Mountain Range 中央山脈
Chiyou DSC_8218
looking West
Chiyou DSC_8219
Mike and Bruce, east toward Taoshan 桃山
Chiyou DSC_8220-22
north-west panorama
Chiyou DSC_8223
heading back down

Chiyou Mountain 池有山, 3239m, 12:45 PM

Chiyou DSC_8224
Chiyou DSC_8225
Chiyou DSC_8226
Chiyou DSC_8227
Chiyou DSC_8228
bamboo in the snow
Chiyou DSC_8229
Chiyou DSC_8230
Chiyou DSC_8231
Chiyou DSC_8232
Chiyou DSC_8233
Chiyou DSC_8234
Dabajian mtn 大霸尖山
Chiyou DSC_8236
bamboo in the snow
Chiyou DSC_8237
Chiyou DSC_8238
Chiyou DSC_8239
bamboo in the snow
Chiyou DSC_8241
Chiyou DSC_8242
Chiyou DSC_8244
Chiyou DSC_8246
Chiyou DSC_8249
Chiyou DSC_8250
bamboo in the snow
Chiyou DSC_8252
Chiyou DSC_8254
Chiyou DSC_8256
Chiyou DSC_8257
Chiyou DSC_8259
Chiyou DSC_8260
Chiyou DSC_8261
Chiyou DSC_8262
Chiyou DSC_8263
Chiyou DSC_8264
Chiyou DSC_8265
Chiyou DSC_8267
Hsuehshan (Snow Mountain) 雪山 through the trees
Chiyou DSC_8271
Chiyou DSC_8272
Chiyou DSC_8274
Chiyou DSC_8275
Chiyou DSC_8276
Chiyou DSC_8277
Chiyou DSC_8278
Chiyou DSC_8280
Chiyou DSC_8283
Chiyou DSC_8284
Chiyou DSC_8285
Chiyou DSC_8286
Chiyou DSC_8289
Chiyou DSC_8290
Chiyou DSC_8291
Chiyou chiyou_map
Chihyou Mountain 池有山 trail map
Chiyou m5_1

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Keywords: farming, flower, forest, hike, mammal, map, mountain, plant, sign, trail, wood
People: Bruce, Mike, Philip
Locations: Wuling Farms, 武陵農場
Dates: 2010:01:16 - 2010:01:17