Fall DSC_8510
View from stairs below our place
Fall DSC_7392
wild chrysanthemum family plant
Fall DSC_7394
Rosella flowers
Fall DSC_7398
squash-loving bug
Fall DSC_7399
male squash flower
Fall DSC_7400
beds being built, ready for in-place soil-building
Fall DSC_7401
Fall DSC_7402
looking out the entrance
Fall DSC_7403
Fall DSC_7404
Rosella flower
Fall DSC_7410
Philip taming the Rosella
Fall DSC_7412
beans plants growing
Fall DSC_7413
Tammy in early fall garden
Fall DSC_7414
stairs behind citrus trees
Fall DSC_7415
planting beds being created
Fall DSC_7417
Patricia and Philip in the second terrace of the garden
Fall DSC_7419
bananas almost ready for harvest
Fall DSC_7421
early fall sunset
Fall DSC_7423
seedlings for planting
Fall DSC_7469
Tammy and Daiwen
Fall DSC_7470
Starfruit (Carambola) on tree
Fall DSC_7472
Fall DSC_7473
Fall DSC_7476
Government building in Taipei
Fall DSC_7481
Fortune telling downstairs, and Alien museum upstairs
Fall DSC_7482
near the Taipei Train Station
Fall DSC_7484
Preying Mantis beauty
Fall DSC_7486
Tanuki visits in the house
Fall DSC_7491
Patricia planting new beds
Fall DSC_7493
New water system starts to take shape
Fall DSC_7494
where the compost bins will be installed
Fall DSC_7495
Banana circle to the left
Fall DSC_7496
Garden peak growth
Fall DSC_5629
view from terrace
Fall DSC_8512
Rooftop garden at the circle
Fall DSC_8514
Community garden on the 2nd terrace, new beds
Fall DSC_8515
Bananas for harvest
Fall DSC_8516
Compost bins
Fall DSC_8519
Rosella with seeds
Fall DSC_8520
Hand-built stairs
Fall DSC_8522
View for rooftop garden being built from fountain/circle
Fall DSC_8524
Young female dog stray living at bottom of stairs from our place to the road
Fall DSC_8532
Power of philodendron
Fall DSC_8533
Protect papayas
Fall DSC_8534
Expanding native climbing vine

Dates: - - 2011:11:27
People: Daiwen, Tammy