Summer DSC_6404
doctored Malayan Night Heron Gorsachius melanolophus on track across the street from TaiDa vet

June 18

Summer DSC_5114
Moth at dusk
Summer DSC_5116
Mediterranean-inspired meal of tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, zucchini, and pine nuts with garden herbs on rice.
Summer DSC_5118
Sunset after thunderstorms
Summer DSC_6700
Golden Shower Tree 阿勃勒 Cassia fistula
Summer DSC_6709
Walk with Laurie and Bink at Guangxing.
Summer DSC_6713
Orange and green
Summer DSC_6714
Tirumala septentronis
Summer DSC_6716
Summer DSC_6717
Dark Blue Tiger ?青斑蝶(小紋青斑蝶) Tirumala septentrionis
Summer DSC_6722
中華珈蟌 Psolodesmus mandarinus mandarinus McLachlan - female
Summer DSC_6725
Unfurling fern frond
Summer DSC_6735
Bright pink begonias
Summer DSC_6737
Plant in the Yuetao 月桃 family
Summer DSC_6740
Laurie looking militaristically cheery
Summer DSC_6741
Time to take a dip
Summer DSC_6745
Laurie goes for it
Summer DSC_6751
Constable 流星蛺蝶 Dichorragia nesimachus formosanus
Summer DSC_6753
Bink goes rock hopping
Summer DSC_6761
Forest begonia flowers and their characteristic leaves
Summer DSC_6769
Composting cicada
Summer DSC_6775
Unidentified 弄蝶科/ Hesperiidae family butterfly
Summer DSC_6778
Summer DSC_6780
Summer DSC_6785
Love among the thorns.
Summer DSC_6786
Summer DSC_6791
Summer DSC_6793
Orange Staff Sergeant 台灣單帶蛺蝶 Athyma cama zoroastes - male
Summer DSC_6802
Turquoise streams
Summer DSC_6836
A surprise find of pearl onions, a well-known local variety
Summer DSC_6845
Who says you can't grow beets in pots?
Summer DSC_6855
Colorful summer chilies and tomatoes

Guangxin, Xindian 新店廣興河濱公園 July 23

Summer DSC_6895
Summer DSC_6908
stepping up
Summer DSC_6912
Summer DSC_6936
immature Black-crowned Night Heron

An immature black crowned night heron 夜鷺 Nycticorax nycticorax wading for food in the in the flats of the wide bend in the Xindian river 新店溪 where the waterway receives the GuangXing watershed 廣興水域. The young night heron will change coloration significantly as it turns solid white sporting a blue-black back and cap and two long thin white plumes from the neck; reaching 65cm they have kept their red eyes, short yellow legs and squat disposition. Night herons breed in both fresh and salt-water wetlands around the world. They are often seen with the egrets in Taiwan and are not too shy. Like the egrets, they wade patiently in the shallows, hunting small fish, mussels, reptiles, amphibians and insects. They are most active at night and in the morning, perching in trees near the water during the day. Their single loud grackley crow-like call can be heard over suburban Taipei as they follow the waterways from above at night.

Summer DSC_6957
Black-crowned Night Heron 夜鷺 Nycticorax nycticorax
Summer DSC_6981
Little Grebe 小鷿? Tachybaptus ruficollis
Summer DSC_6998
Black-crowned Night Heron 夜鷺 Nycticorax nycticorax
Summer DSC_7008
Black-eared Kite 老鷹/黑耳鷹 Milvus Migrans lineatus
Keywords: bird, butterfly, fruit, garden
People: Bink, Laurie
Locations: Pristine, 精粹
Dates: 2011:06:08 - 2011:07:23