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Roland, Peter, Liran, Philip, Jack, Bruce
Nanheng 南橫 bike ride roland
Roland, Liran, Peter, Jack
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Bruce, Peter, Jack, Liran, Philip
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121 km Nanheng 南橫 bike ride

Jack's last Taiwan bike ride, up the Nanheng 南橫, Taiwan's closed south cross-island highway. We take a train down to Kuanshan 關山 Friday evening and are up early Saturday in light rain. We ride up to the Yushan National Park 山國家公園 trail entrance to XiangYang mountain 台灣向陽山 where highway 20 is closed continuing east. We stop at a small roadside stand for hot soup on the way down in cold and rainy weather and take a quick hot soak at the Chief Spa Hotel 天龍溫泉飯店

Stayed at:
自然村民宿 Natural Village
訂房專線:089-814398 / 0955-647673

Hot spring resort on the NanHeng:
天龍溫泉飯店 Chief Spa Hotel
tel: 089-935075

Christmas party at Bill's

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AC/DC reunion at Bill's
Keywords: bike, map
People: Bob, Bruce, Jack, John, Kitty, Liran, Paul, Peter, Philip, Shanshan, Tammy
Locations: Dongpu, 東埔, Taitung, 台東
Dates: 2012:11:16 - 2012:12:08