December GOPR0352
small snake in the garden
December DSC_1593
Building on site of Busihban pub

Tanuki escapes through a hole cut in the bottom of his cage never to be seen again.

December DSC_1603
Kanee discovers Tanuki's escape
December DSC_1606
no tools and no note - just a neatly cut hole, worked on for months hidden under the hay


December DSC_1704
dead Brown Spotted Pit Viper 龜殼花 Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus along the road
December DSC_1716
view from the ridge behind the house
December GOPR0399
December GOPR0401
pups napping in the kitchen
December GOPR0419
December GOPR0441
December DSC_1741
Eyebrowed Thrush 白眉鸫 Turdus obscurus on the water tank

Gardening session on a rainy day when the temperature stayed around 10C, 12/29

December DSC_1743
Our first pineapple
December DSC_1745
lemon tree guild
December DSC_1748
wet and sad habaneros
December DSC_1749
farmers friend 咸豐草 Bidens pilosa flower
December DSC_1750
baby papaya fruit
December DSC_1751
vetiver 培地茅/香根草 Chrysopogon zizanioides
December DSC_1752
Canna 美人蕉
December DSC_1754
lemon grass with eggplant remains
December DSC_1755
orchid tree 羊踢 leaf
December DSC_1756
Firespike 紅樓花 Odontonema strictum (Nees) Kuntze
December DSC_1757
Comfrey bells
December DSC_1760
lemon guild
December DSC_1761
December DSC_1762
passion fruit shells littered by squirrels
December DSC_1763
passion fruit 百香果 Passiflora edulis fruit
December DSC_1765
December DSC_1769
December DSC_1772
pups in cold fog
December DSC_1825
Grey Wagtail 灰鶺鴒 Motacilla cinerea

New Year's Eve

December IMG_3725
New Year's Eve at Patricia's
Keywords: bird, dog, flower, fruit, garden, plant, reptile
People: Bernard, Chu, Marian, Philip, Tammy
Locations: Garden City Garden, 新城花園, Home, 家
Dates: 2013:12:03 - 2013:12:31