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1/4 Garden City garden

January DSC_9644
January DSC_9645
January DSC_9646
January DSC_9647
January DSC_9649
January DSC_9650
Papaya, eggplant, mints
January DSC_9651
Lemon tree guild: comfrey, rue, parsley, culantro, rose geranium, sweet potato.
January DSC_9652
Tea tree
January DSC_9653
Tree tomato (tomatilla), pineapple
January DSC_9654
Chinese toon, sweet potato, pineapple
January DSC_9655
Mushroom peek-a-boo
January DSC_9656
Tree tomato
January DSC_9657
Smaller tree tomato
January DSC_9658
Small tree tomato
January DSC_9659
bark of a tree (need to identify!)
January DSC_9660
leaves of unidentified tree
January DSC_9662
Milky mint plant
January DSC_9663
Milky mint plant leaves
January DSC_9664
Paths between the beds
January DSC_9665
20+ tomato fruit on one plant
January DSC_9667
Planting bed cared for by Marian
January DSC_9668
January DSC_9670
Marian working the broadfork
January DSC_9673
Marian working the broadfork
January DSC_9675
A shrew. We also found a dead mole a few days later. It looks like a cat got it?

1/6 at home

January DSC_1986
bee in the plum blossoms
January DSC_1997
January DSC_1998

Visit to the community garden in cold rain

January GOPR0444
flowers and fruits
January GOPR0450
high water
January GOPR0454
garden river
January GOPR0461
ripe tomatoes
January GOPR0464
January GOPR0470
dry compost in heavy rain
January GOPR0471
January DSC_9927
Shrine on a bus
January DSC_9928
January DSC_9929
After the rain
January DSC_9930
Mid-winter after the rains
January DSC_9931
Pineapple, banana tree, vegetables, etc.
January DSC_9932
Damp veggies
January DSC_9933
January DSC_9934
lemon grass, small guava tree, lettuce, celery
January DSC_9935
January DSC_9938
Ignored tomatoes seem to do the best
January DSC_9940

1/19 Garden City community garden

January DSC_1999
Gingers and tumeric dormant in winter
January DSC_2001
Salad Burnet. Topping and filling beds with mature compost.
January DSC_2004
January DSC_2005
January DSC_2006
January DSC_2007
January DSC_2008
January DSC_2009
January DSC_2011
January DSC_2012
January DSC_2013
January DSC_2014
January DSC_2015
January DSC_2016
January DSC_2017
January DSC_2018

Deep winter. Fortunately we have a southwest exposure for plenty of sun.

adding a gate to the garden

January DSC_2019
January DSC_2020
January DSC_2021
January DSC_2022

We added a gate to the garden entrance to dissuade the dogs from trampling the planting beds and doing their business in the garden.

January DSC_2023

Finally, the hugelkulture keyhole bed is ready for planting carrots.

January marian_rocks
Marian harvesting rocks
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