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Musa basjoo formosana 台灣芭蕉, 山芎蕉 - "Ba-jiao"

May - June DSC_0505
Musa basjoo formosana 台灣芭蕉, 山芎蕉

harvested three bunches of Musa basjoo formosana 台灣芭蕉, 山芎蕉 from our garden. Bunches were 4-6 m off the ground and weighed 15-20 kg each. The sticky resin from the plant stains clothes and is difficult to get off of tools. The bananas are stumpy, sweet and less textured than common chiquitas.

May - June DSC_0515
May - June DSC_0525
view of northwest Taipei after a storm
May - June DSC_0530
End of the day computing
May - June DSC_0534
Sun showing my age
May - June DSC_0536
New vegetable crop fields emerge
May - June DSC_0539
Tammy and Kanee walking on a newly cleared section of ridge above our house
May - June DSC_0546
Tanuki napping
May - June DSC_0547
kitchen talk

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Park 中正紀念公園

May - June DSC_0556
Philip relaxes at CKS
May - June DSC_0559
CKS sunset
May - June DSC_0563
Policed plaza at CKS
May - June DSC_0568
CKS main gate
May - June DSC_0572
flying eaves


May - June DSC_0614
May - June DSC_0630
May - June DSC_0638
tug-o-war in the grass
May - June DSC_8186
Seedling enterprise at home
May - June DSC_8187
Seedling enterprise at home
May - June DSC_8188
Fennel flower at home
May - June DSC_8190
home nursery
May - June DSC_0676
View west from our terrace
May - June DSC_8232
Home nursery
May - June DSC_8233
home nursery
May - June DSC_8234
home nursery
May - June DSC_8235
home nursery
May - June DSC_8236
seedling enterprise
May - June DSC_0683
Morning from inside our bedroom
May - June DSC_0689
Homestead kitchen
May - June DSC_0693
Elephant ear fruiting
May - June DSC_0696
Philip waiting for the bus
May - June DSC_0706
Fat skink body
May - June DSC_0710
Fat skink head
May - June DSC_0713
attack of ?
May - June DSC_0714
Carrying seedlings to the garden

King Ratsnake 臭青公

May - June DSC_0727
Sadness, our king snake is killed.
May - June DSC_0734
Head of the snake

Discovering our killed garden companion. The King Ratsnake 臭青公 (chòu qīng gōng) Elaphe carinata is one of the largest and heaviest snakes in Taiwan, growing up to 240cm. It is common throughout the island up to 2000m. It is known by farmers for its rat-killing skill. It lives in wooded areas and farming areas, and is found in fields and rice paddies. Females produce 8-14 eggs in the summer. It eats mice, birds, bird eggs, frogs, lizards and notably other snakes.

端午節 - Greater Green Snake 青蛇

May - June DSC_0738
The Greater Green Snake 青蛇 (qīng shé) Cyclophiops major
May - June DSC_0741
The Greater Green Snake 青蛇 (qīng shé) Cyclophiops major
May - June DSC_0746
The Greater Green Snake 青蛇 (qīng shé) Cyclophiops major

The Greater Green Snake 青蛇 (qīng shé) Cyclophiops major, reaches up to 130 cm. This mild-tempered diurnal invertebrate eater inhabits humid forests and agricultural areas, where it feeds on earthworms and insect larvae. This harmless snake is diurnal and semi-arboreal and rarely bite, they are often found in trees where they sleep at night. Females produce 4-13 eggs in spring to early summer. It is often mistaken for the Chinese Tree Viper (V. s. stejnegeri) and killed. The poisonous bamboo viper or Chinese green tree viper 赤尾青竹絲 (chìwěi qīngzhú sī) Trimeresurus stejnegeri stejnegeri has a triangular head, red eyes, a white stripe along both sides of the body, and a reddish-brown tail; while the Greater Green Snake has an oval head, black eyes, no stripes, and a green tail.

May - June DSC_0747
flowering orchid at the gate
May - June DSC_0751
May - June DSC_0752
Lotus flowers in pond at Tankiang University campus
May - June DSC_0954
May - June DSC_0956
May - June DSC_0957
May - June DSC_0961
May - June DSC_0968
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