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July Tonghou-Jiaoxi_2013-07-04
TongHou 桶后 to Jiaoxi 礁溪 crossover attempt with Bernard
July DSC_0976
terrace garden

The eye of typhoon Soulik 蘇力 passes in the early morning

July DSC_0982
after the storm
July DSC_8353
shredded leaf litter thrown up on the wall by typhoon winds
July DSC_8357
Road 2
July DSC_8358
Road 2
July DSC_8359
Road 2
July GOPR1567_H264
flight over Quchi 屈尺 after typhoon Soulik 蘇力
July DSC_8373
Guishan dam 龜山壩
July DSC_8379
Guishan dam 龜山壩
July DSC_8381
Guishan dam 龜山壩
July DSC_0997

Hike in on the Kalamoji 卡拉莫基 trail with Bruce

July DSC_1000
Kalamoji 卡拉莫基 qlang krmut
July DSC_1009
road damaged
July DSC_1012
but crossable
July DSC_1019
water buffalo 水牛 Bubalus bubalis
July DSC_1021
looking downstream on the Nanshixi 南勢溪 from the Fushan 福山 bridge
July DSC_1023
July DSC_1027
Keywords: bike, flight, mammal, river, video
People: Bernard
Locations: Fushan, 福山, Garden City Garden, 新城花園, Xiaoyi, 孝義
Dates: 2013:07:04 - 2013:07:27