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Office DSC_3817
northwest corner of the space
Office DSC_3818
main Pristine office space
Office DSC_3821
southwest corner of the office
Office DSC_3823
other entrance, and a small, but full bathroom; cardboard against wall temporarily stored for permie projects, now removed
Office DSC_3824
one of two entrances - the space used to two small rooms and we knocked out the wall
Office DSC_3868
building entrance
Office DSC_3875
building lobby
Office DSC_3877
Pristine office entrance on the right
Office DSC_3879
view of the building from across the street
Office DSC_3884
Office GOPR1224
signing the new office lease
Office GOPR1225
refuse sorting
Office GOPR1227
Office GOPR1228
Office GOPR1229
windows east
Office GOPR1233
Office DSC_4284
Office DSC_4285

People: Mindy
Dates: 2014:08:15 - 2014:11:07