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home, 5/9

Florida DSC_5388
Florida DSC_5394
Florida DSC_5398
Florida DSC_5407
Florida DSC_5409
camping n the woodlot

Paynes Prairie, Boulware Springs, La Chua trail with Phelan and Nyna down from Akron

Florida DSC_5410
La Chua trail
Florida DSC_5411
Florida DSC_5412
La Chua trail
Florida DSC_5414
at Paynes Prarie, Boulware springs, La Chua trail
Florida DSC_5418
La Chua trail
Florida DSC_5421
Florida DSC_5423
Florida DSC_5424
Florida DSC_5425
Florida DSC_5434
Florida DSC_5435
Florida DSC_5443
red-winged blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus)
Florida DSC_5448
Florida DSC_5464
Florida DSC_5467
Florida DSC_5471
Florida DSC_5472
Florida DSC_5473
Florida DSC_5476
Florida DSC_5480
alligator camouflaged
Florida DSC_5481
Florida DSC_5483
Florida DSC_5484
Florida DSC_5489
Florida DSC_5490
Florida DSC_5497
Florida DSC_5503
Florida DSC_5506
Florida DSC_5507
Florida DSC_5518
13th Street and University Avenue
Florida DSC_5520
Florida DSC_5526

Butterfly Rainforest - Florida Museum of Natural History with Phelan and Nyna

Florida DSC_5528
Florida DSC_5529
Florida DSC_5530
Florida DSC_5531
Florida DSC_5532
Florida DSC_5536
Florida DSC_5555
Florida DSC_5560
Florida DSC_5566
Florida DSC_5567

at home

Florida DSC_5573
Christopher and the bald cypress
Florida DSC_5574
Florida DSC_5576
blueberry harvest
Florida DSC_5578
picking blueberries
Florida DSC_5582
Florida DSC_5584
picking blueberries
Florida DSC_5589
picking blueberries
Florida DSC_5591

Paynes Prairie Preserve - Bolen Bluff Trail

Florida DSC_5595
Florida DSC_5598
Florida DSC_5599
Florida DSC_5603
Florida IMG_5716
Christopher and Philip on Bolen Bluff Trail
Florida DSC_5609
Florida DSC_5613
Florida DSC_5620
Florida DSC_5629
Florida DSC_5642
Florida DSC_5651
Florida DSC_5652
red-winged blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus)
Florida DSC_5660
wild horse on Bolen Bluff Trail
Florida IMG_5723
Florida DSC_5662
Florida DSC_5663
Florida DSC_5672

Micanopy with Christopher, Dan and his Mom

Florida DSC_5683
Florida DSC_5688
at the Micanopy Cafe
Florida DSC_5690
Florida DSC_5692
at the Micanopy Cafe
Florida DSC_5693
Christopher at the Micanopy Cafe
Florida DSC_5696
Florida DSC_5698
Florida DSC_5699
Florida DSC_5709
Florida DSC_5710
Florida DSC_5713
Florida DSC_5715
Florida DSC_5716
homestead under the live oaks
Florida DSC_5717

Roof repair

Florida DSC_5718
investigating leaking roof
Florida DSC_5729
Florida DSC_5735
down the chimney
Florida 20150514_160511
roof repair
Florida 20150514_160534
flashing around chimney tared
Florida DSC_5741
air conditioning ducts pass into the western side of the house
Florida 20150514_161110
Florida DSC_5749

Poe Springs, 5/15

Florida DSC_5752
Florida DSC_5754
Santa Fe River
Florida 20150515_120953_001
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_5761
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_5763
Florida DSC_5765
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_5766
Florida DSC_5767
Florida DSC_5769
Florida DSC_5770
cypress knee
Florida DSC_5771
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_5772
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_5775
Florida DSC_5776
Florida DSC_5777
Florida DSC_5778
Florida DSC_5779
Florida DSC_5780
cypress knees
Florida DSC_5781
cypress knees
Florida DSC_5783
cypress knees
Florida DSC_5784
cypress knees
Florida DSC_5787
phone study
Florida DSC_5788
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_5789
Santa Fe river
Florida DSC_5790
Santa Fe river
Florida 20150515_161432_001
canoe on Santa Fe
Florida DSC_5793
Florida DSC_5795
Florida DSC_5796
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_5797
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_5798
Poe Springs
Florida DSC_5799
cypress knees
Florida DSC_5800
young cypress

at home, 5/16

Florida DSC_5802
hydrangea indicate soil acidity
Florida DSC_5804
Florida DSC_5807
Bella heads home
Florida 20150516_120958
Florida 20150516_121005
Florida DSC_5809
Florida DSC_5811
utility room
Florida DSC_5813
Florida DSC_5814
Florida DSC_5815
Florida DSC_5817
cutting down a cedar
Florida DSC_5818
cutting up a cedar
Florida 20150516_141128
Florida DSC_5821
Florida DSC_5822
Florida DSC_5823
Florida DSC_5826
Florida DSC_5827

bike ride with Marc, 5/17

Florida 20150516_172041
lime rock quarry
Florida 20150516_172126_001
lime rock quarry
Florida 20150516_191719_001
Florida 20150516_191838_001
Florida 20150516_192457_001
Florida bike_ride_map
map of bike ride

at home, 5/17

Florida DSC_5829
Florida DSC_5830
Florida DSC_5832
Florida DSC_5835
Florida DSC_5836
Florida 20150517_112321
sheep stop wood store
Florida DSC_5837
Florida DSC_5839
planting bush beans and okra
Florida DSC_5840
Florida DSC_5843
Florida DSC_5845
Florida DSC_5846
Keywords: bird, butterfly, dog, flower, insect, mammal, map, photograph, reptile, restaurant, river, tree
People: Anne-Marie, Annette, Christopher, Dan, George, Marc, Nyna, Phelan, Philip
Locations: Gainesville
Dates: 2015:05:09 - 2015:05:17